Sunday, 16 September 2012

All clear

This will be short as I'm on my phone.

I finally got a call from the oncologist today (yes the nurse called me back on a Sunday). I had called them last week because I just couldn't keep living in the land of assuming that things were ok because they didn't call. The message on my machine when I got home today was good news.

The biopsy was completely clear. No signs of hyperplasia or precancerous cells I any sort. The dr is really happy with my response to the drugs and wants me to stay on until Feb which bugs me a bit... That's a long time, and a longer wait to get back to TTC again. She wants to do a follow up biopsy in December to make sure things are still good and then I'm not sure her plan.

But for now were out of the cancer woods. I just wish I felt happier about it but I'm so exhausted by the whole situation and everything that I just feel sad.


Toni Rapp

That is fantastic news! Congrats and time to celebrate :)


I am so glad you called and that the news is so fabulous!!!! :-)


This is great news! But I do understand your frustration at having to wait longer to ttc, and I definitely understand the exhaustion. Infertility is like a marathon, but you don't know how much longer you'll have to keep running.


This is just the kind of positive news I needed today. I hate you have to wait to TTC longer than you hoped, but I'm so relieved the cancer cells are gone. Jenny is absolutely right, too: infertility IS like a marathon.


I am very happy for you. I know it really puts your TTC plans in limbo and on hold, but this is the best news you could have gotten. Go out and celebrate if you can, you need to be happy about something my dear. You deserve a little TLC.


I'm very glad you called and very glad with the result.

A Shadow of My Former Self

I'm sorry for the late comment but I'm thrilled for you! Congrats on those awesome results!

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