Tuesday, 16 April 2013!

So something is seriously wrong with Mother Nature in our part of the world.  It is April 16th, and they are predicting even more snow for this Saturday.  Normally at this time of year, we're putting away the winter jackets and boots, but with all the snow that's still hanging around, we can't.  Seriously, it only got up to -2C today.  That's about 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's right, you read it right.. 28!  WTF!?  Has Mother Nature lost her freakin' mind??  Where is spring?

Now, I'm fully aware of climate change, etc, etc, etc, but give me a break!  I need spring.  This winter has been so damned long and I'm sick of it.  I'm in the anger phase of grief over this... every time I look out the window I end up mumbling "f-n bullshit".  Sometimes it's a lot more than a mumble.  Last week was storming so bad that my husband drove me to work because I simply would have pulled over and cried instead of making it in.

Usually I can make it through to spring without too much issue in the Seasonal Affective Disorder category, but this year it's hitting me hard.  I need some nice warm days to sit outside and read and watch the puppy play to cheer me up.

Here's something else that's been pissing me off about all this weather crap... the radio stations around here think that if you play summer songs, people will cheer up. Hell no!  That just pisses me off. I don't want to hear songs about summer when the snow along the highway is piled as high as my vehicle (no exaggeration on this one).  When I look out the window and my patio table is not visible because there is so much snow... yeah, I don't want to listen to summery songs.  The other thing that pissed me off today was a radio ad for "The Bay" (that is a major department store in Canada btw).  It actually started with "now that it's sandal weather".  Huh?  Even in Eastern Canada it's not that nice yet, but in Western Canada we're under a pile of snow still and that ad is just stupid and mean!

Anyway, I am really hoping for spring soon, but in the very least, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bitch about the weather a bit... because that's what we do in this part of the world... complain about the weather.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy afoot in my house. One that leaves me out in the cold... Literally.

Here's the background: I'm a cold person... Not cold hearted (although I've been accused of that at times) but cold temperature wise. When I was faithfully taking my BBT (can't wait for that fun to start again let me tell you) I always had readings that put me in the category of borderline hypothermia. Seriously! I wasn't always like this, as a kid I ram really warm. My mother took me to the doctor at 8 weeks because I was fevered. Apparently a blanket and a sleeper was too much for me. I was just too warm. About 10 years ago I lost 80 lbs and started to be cold all the time. It made sense, I'd lost a warming layer of fat, but since then I've added that layer back and then some so it makes no sense.

But onto the conspiracy. I usually set out thermostat to 20 degrees (Celsius) which is about 68 F. My hubby always is asking to turn it down while I sit covered up with a quilt.

So yesterday, he comes in with the dog and asks of he can turn down the heat. I say sure and pull my quilt higher. At that point the dog comes into the room and starts pulling the quilt until he pulls it off of me and tries to take it out of the room.

Conspiracy!!! They are in it together! I'm not sure what their end game is, but I'm onto them!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Just a bunch of babble

So I mentioned a while back that at my last D&C, they noticed that my blood pressure was extremely high... as in 180/120 high.  As in about to have a stroke high.  In fact, when the nurse first took my BP, the reading was 210/140.  She took one look and said "do you have a headache? you're not dizzy?  nothing hurts?".  She took it again with a different cuff and it was less, but still scary high!  I was only released from the hospital if I promised to follow up with my GP.  Sometimes our medical system makes me shake my head... a promise?  really?  Well, I don't want to have a stroke, or kidney and liver damage so I did follow up.  I saw the GP in Feb and she put me on BP meds.  After two weeks it had only brought my BP down to about 135/90.  This used to be normal for me off of meds.  From about the time I was 15 my BP has been at about that.  Until I was in for the D&C, I'd never had a reading above that.  So, the doc told me to keep on the drugs and come back in a month.  I went back this morning.

Now, I had gotten a wrist BP monitor for home (gotta love Shop.pers Optimum Points... it cost me nothing).  I've been taking my BP every mroning and evening and recording it.  For the last 3 weeks, it has been reading about 90/60!  When I told the GP that she was shocked.  She took it in the office and it was 105/65.  She said she had never seen anyone respond to meds so well or so quickly.  She wants me back in two months to follow up, unless I start to get readings lower than 90/60, or if I start t have dizzy spells, etc.

I asked her about the possibility of the Megestrol being the cause of it being so high since I read that that's a possible side effect.  She said it could definitely be the cause and she wants me to take my BP 3 times a day when I go off the Megestrol and if it drops go to the ER immediately if I can't get in to see her.  So that's fun!

I also asked her about my ortho referal.  She referred me in December to a new ortho surgeon, because I had had no contact from my previous one for nearly 5 months.  I have heard nothing from the new surgeon at all.  She told me to call the surgeon, but laughed and told me not to tell them that she said to. :)  She said I should have heard already.  The problem is that I broke this ankle in early Dec 2011, and it took until August to get to see the first ortho.  Once they book the surgery, it could still be 4 months or more until the surgery happens.  My big concern about this is that I am in pretty much constant pain, and when the bone chip shifts it sometimes gets caught in the joint and I can't even walk on it... it happens sometimes at work and I have to sit and pull at my foot and rotate it until I feel the chip pop out.  Not normal.  Also, the ligament that was attached to that part of the bone that chippped off is just hanging there, not doing it's job, and I can feel the weakness in my ankle.

My biggest worry is what if I do miraculously get pregnant, then I will have even more weight on the ankle and won't be able to have the surgery until after delivery, and I can't even carry a book while on crutches, never mind a baby.  See my issues?  I was happy that I got in to an ortho last summer knowing that the soonest I would be able to get pregnant would be an entire year later.  Now we're (hopefully) only two months from trying again and nothing on the ortho front.

I am thinking of dropping FB for a while.  This past week has been bad - there has been 5 birth announcements and 3 pregnancy announcements.  I can handle one every so often, but this many at once?  urgh.  The one that really got me was one of the women that I went to University with.  The kicker is that she got married the same day as me.  She even said when they announced last fall that the first month they tried they succeeded.  It really hurt me.  We've been trying since two months before our wedding (coming up on 4 years next month), and nothing.  She tries one month and succeeds.  I know I shouldn't be upset, but I am.  She had her baby this week and my FB is plastered with pics.  Sigh.  I might have to just check out for a while.

My poor fur baby boy had his big surgery this week.  We waited until he was a year to neuter him on the advice of the vet.  He's a very large breed dog and apparently the current thought process in vet world is to let large breeds grow for the first year before taking away the testosterone.  Apparently in males, it's important for bone growth and to help prevent the hip displasia, etc.  So we did that.  On Tuesday we got up bright and early and took him to the vet.  Two hours later they called and said that he did really well and we could pick him up in about four hours.  When we picked him up, he was so dopey that he could hardly walk straight, and kept running into stuff because of the cone.  About halfway home we decided that he was not resting because of the cone so we took it off and I sat with him to stop him from licking.  When we got home, we left the cone off and watched him.  We only had to stop him from licking twice.  The first night home we put on the cone and nobody (him  or us) had good sleeps.  I watched him the whole next day and no licking at all.  So we have abandoned the cone.  The vet said that he should relax and not run around or jump on furniture, etc.  So, she had no ideas of how to stop a 70 lbs dog from doing that.  He's been taking stairs 3 at a time and jumping on the couch and bed, and showing no signs of pain.  I've been checking his incision point and he seems to be doing fine.  After the first day home, his energy levels spiked back up and you would never know that he had anything done to him.  He's just his regular hyper, happy, affectionate self,  getting into trouble as usual.  Today when I was in  town I picked him up a special treat - a giant bacon cookie.  It was about 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch thick in the shape of a bone.  He wasn't sure at first what the hell I was giving him, but then he settled in with it and my whole living room smelled of bacon milk bones. LOL

Take a look, doesn't he seem traumatized? Guess that bacon cookie fixed him right up.