Tuesday, 16 April 2013!

So something is seriously wrong with Mother Nature in our part of the world.  It is April 16th, and they are predicting even more snow for this Saturday.  Normally at this time of year, we're putting away the winter jackets and boots, but with all the snow that's still hanging around, we can't.  Seriously, it only got up to -2C today.  That's about 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's right, you read it right.. 28!  WTF!?  Has Mother Nature lost her freakin' mind??  Where is spring?

Now, I'm fully aware of climate change, etc, etc, etc, but give me a break!  I need spring.  This winter has been so damned long and I'm sick of it.  I'm in the anger phase of grief over this... every time I look out the window I end up mumbling "f-n bullshit".  Sometimes it's a lot more than a mumble.  Last week was storming so bad that my husband drove me to work because I simply would have pulled over and cried instead of making it in.

Usually I can make it through to spring without too much issue in the Seasonal Affective Disorder category, but this year it's hitting me hard.  I need some nice warm days to sit outside and read and watch the puppy play to cheer me up.

Here's something else that's been pissing me off about all this weather crap... the radio stations around here think that if you play summer songs, people will cheer up. Hell no!  That just pisses me off. I don't want to hear songs about summer when the snow along the highway is piled as high as my vehicle (no exaggeration on this one).  When I look out the window and my patio table is not visible because there is so much snow... yeah, I don't want to listen to summery songs.  The other thing that pissed me off today was a radio ad for "The Bay" (that is a major department store in Canada btw).  It actually started with "now that it's sandal weather".  Huh?  Even in Eastern Canada it's not that nice yet, but in Western Canada we're under a pile of snow still and that ad is just stupid and mean!

Anyway, I am really hoping for spring soon, but in the very least, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bitch about the weather a bit... because that's what we do in this part of the world... complain about the weather.



I know I said I was at the acceptance stage of grief, but that was overly optimistic on my part. I'm pretty deep in the depression stage. Yesterday when I was getting in my car, trying not to break my neck on the ice surrounding it, I was struggling not to cry. Seriously. Instead of driving to work, I just wanted to sit there and cry. So I totally get where you're coming from.

Maybe we can make a weekend road trip to Alberta? I hear there are some snow-free areas there.



I live in Rochester, NY, and we are having the same problem. It is SNOWING today. SNOWING! Everything got very green all of a sudden but now I'm worried that my flowers are going to die from frost. WTF, Mother Nature, WTF!

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