Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy afoot in my house. One that leaves me out in the cold... Literally.

Here's the background: I'm a cold person... Not cold hearted (although I've been accused of that at times) but cold temperature wise. When I was faithfully taking my BBT (can't wait for that fun to start again let me tell you) I always had readings that put me in the category of borderline hypothermia. Seriously! I wasn't always like this, as a kid I ram really warm. My mother took me to the doctor at 8 weeks because I was fevered. Apparently a blanket and a sleeper was too much for me. I was just too warm. About 10 years ago I lost 80 lbs and started to be cold all the time. It made sense, I'd lost a warming layer of fat, but since then I've added that layer back and then some so it makes no sense.

But onto the conspiracy. I usually set out thermostat to 20 degrees (Celsius) which is about 68 F. My hubby always is asking to turn it down while I sit covered up with a quilt.

So yesterday, he comes in with the dog and asks of he can turn down the heat. I say sure and pull my quilt higher. At that point the dog comes into the room and starts pulling the quilt until he pulls it off of me and tries to take it out of the room.

Conspiracy!!! They are in it together! I'm not sure what their end game is, but I'm onto them!


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