Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm back

It's been a while. I haven't stayed away on purpose, it's just been so crazy in my life that the blog hasn't really come to my mind. I still check on other blogs, but the thought of sitting down and writing something is the last thing I want to do most nights.

Where did the month of June go?? My last post was June 3!

Well, quick update... I can definitely say that this month was yet again a bust in the baby department :( I'm not overly surprised. I'm amazingly calm about that fact. The only day that I got remotely upset about it all was Father's Day. I was feelings so guilty and sad for my husband - feeling horrible that I was the cause of him not being a father for yet another year. We packed up and went to his brother's house (I don't much like his brother btw) to have a family BBQ with my in-laws. Perhaps it was a good thing. My husband's brother and his wife don't have any kids either, so it's not like I was inundated with baby or kiddie stuff. It was simply to celebrate my father-in-law (who is a great guy btw - I really do like my parents-in-law... thankfully!)

That day made me wonder if my in-laws will ever be grandparents - I know they really want to be, but it looks like we may be their only option. DH's brother is 37 and his wife 40, and they aren't even talking about having kids openly. The only time that it is ever brought up, he cringes and says "we'll see". It's not going to happen - I would almost be money on it. And then there is us. *sigh*

So, my month was spent trying to get everything finished for the end of the school year. I had a two day camping trip with 10 grade 7 students. All I can say is this people... don't have decuplets! lol. I love kids, I really do... but two full days, in the wilderness, with 10 kids who aren't mine, and are all teens! yikes. I deserve a medal or something. Actually they were pretty awesome. One little princess spent her entire trip complaining, but several others told her to shut it, which was amusing. I got home completely exhausted. I took the next day off, only to have my administrator call me at home five times to get information from me. It's kind of nice to know that I'm needed I guess.

The rest of the month was a push to get done all the course work and try like hell to not lose it - the kids are getting rather like animals - they are more than ready for summer, and it shows in behaviour and commitment.

I just finished calculating my final grades for report cards and all that is left is to put the grades into the system and put in my comments. I'm thinking that since I did such a great job of comments in the first two terms, a simple "have a great summer" would probably suffice this time :)

I am switching my teaching assignment for next year, and my physical classroom - I get the nicest room in the school - large windows, lots of space, excellent location. And, I'm going from teaching Math to English - much closer to my area of expertise. I'm very excited. AFter a shit year last year, this year has been amazing - my final review came in yesterday and it was glowing - no problems at all. I love this school!

On a bittersweet note, Thursday is graduation. 10 kids graduating from our school. Quite honestly, two of my favourite students in the school are among them. I know, I know, you aren't supposed to have favourites, but these two have huge personalities and seem to know when a person needs cheering up. According to the parent (they are twins), the one boy didn't show any interest in school until I started to teach him, so the parent has actually asked me to sit down with the boy and try to talk to him about his future, because he won't talk to anyone else, but can't say enough good stuff about me. Huge compliment! I'm going to miss these kids... all of them! It's exciting to see them growing up and moving on, but sad to see them leave.

back to report cards!


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