Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bring on the needles

I'm off to the acupuncturist this afternoon. I've decided that if I have to wait months to see my obgyn (keep reading for more info on that insanity), I would try some natural healing options to try to help with TTC.

Right now, I'm pretty sure that I'm not ovulating. My BBTs are all over the place, and I'm just frustrated because I'm pretty sure that a round of Clomid (or something like it) would solve all the problems. Everything else seems normal. I get other symptoms that I'm going to ovulate - but my BBTs show that I'm not. On top of it, it seems like I might have a shortened luteal phase, but that really doesn't matter if I'm not ovulating!

So I have an appointment to see if acupuncture and herbs can help with that little problem.

I heard from a friend who uses the same obgyn that she called for an appointment and was offered days in June or July. When I called a month ago, I was told August 24th was the first option. That just pisses me off. I feel like I"m racing against time, because the hyperplasia could return, and if I end up having a return of that before I get pregnant all because I had to wait, I'm going to be pissed! So I tried to call yesterday to find out why I wasn't offered an earlier option. I got a message saying that they were closed from April 22 to May 2. Um, last I checked it's June. But the only other option was to indicate it was an emergency and go to an answering service (which I wasn't going to do). So, today, after my acupuncture, I am going to drive to the office and find out in person what is going on!

On the positive front however... yesterday, my hubby was offered full time employment for next year, still at the same school as this year. So that's awesome! One stressor down. The admin even came into my classroom to tell me that he had offered him the position. I thanked him and said "oh, good, that's a stress off". He said "Yeah, that's why I told you - you look pretty stressed out right now". Nice eh? I keep telling the students that I'm a woman on the edge. *sigh*

I'm told that school is finished in a month... I really need a break!


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