Monday, 19 September 2011

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a few days since I posted. I've been swamped under all the planning of the new school year.

I was all ready for my classes, and then... as usual.... our schedules changes. I lost my grade 8 class and gained a 5/6 class. That pissed me off. I didn't want to go back to teaching elementary classes.

I know it sounds odd, given that I love kids and that I trained initially to teach the primary grades, but after my year-from-hell of Kindergarten I needed a break. Then I took on middle years (grade 6-9) last year, and this year was told I would have the same course load this year. I really enjoyed the middle years kids and didn't want to go back to the elementary way of doing things. But, as usual, our numbers were over-estimated and now we have to rearrange our classes to make the numbers balance better. So most of us ended up losing classes and gaining other classes. Much to my joy, I got an elementary class.

I'm not happy about this at all. Particularly since it's combined with a middle years class. How we do everything with those two levels is different: grading, report cards, attendance, etc. So now I have to double up on my work.

To top it off, I'm exhausted. I spent the entire weekend at our home volleyball tournament. So I put in a total of 19 hours of extracurricular time this weekend and then had to try to plan for these new classes. I spent all of Sunday sitting in the yard at the patio set with my laptop and books out, kitten on the leash chasing butterflies. It would have been the perfect afternoon if I didn't have all of this damned course prep hanging over my head.

I can't believe that September is more than half over! It feels like school just ended. Tomorrow we vote on our tentative contract. I think the contract is crap, but I have a feeling that the vote will pass it. I think it will barely pass. The whole contract offer is slap in the face, but some people are so uninformed that they are willing to take it because the government says "that's the best we can offer". Anyway, it's going to be a rough few days of waiting for the vote.

On the more personal side of things, I'm now CD32 and no sign of AF coming this way. This has been another annovulatory cycle. My temps ranged from 35.7 to 36.3. They go up and down and up and down... no spikes, nothing. It's so frustrating. So, now I wait for AF to show. The software that I am using to track my temps predicts that it should show up around Wednesday - we'll see. All I want is for it to start so that I can start taking the Clomid and get this whole thing going.

I hate waiting.


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