Sunday, 5 August 2012

Damned Computer

For the last few days my computer hasn't been able to load Blogger.  I mean, I can read other blogs, and even my own, but when I hit the little pencil to try to write a new piece, it doesn't work.  It just keeps saying "loading".  So frustrating.  This time it worked, so I'm going to try to fit a bunch in ... sorry.

My car died.  I mean completely died.  We took the puppy to the vet for shots and on the way home (around 7 pm) the car just stopped along the highway - about an hour and a half from home.  I wanted to call my dad to come and pick us up, but my husband was determined to call his dad first (which made sense I guess since they live only half an hour from where we broke down, and my dad is over an hour).  His father told us that we could tow the car to his house and then borrow his old truck to go home.  Then after a lot of complaining and asking why we couldn't just ride with the tow truck (um, because we have the dog with us?) and why we couldn't just let the dog ride in the car as it was being towed (um, because he is 4 months old!), he finally came to get us.  When he got there he told us that we couldn't borrow the truck and would have to spend the night.  Now, if you have a dog who is crate trained, trying to get them to sleep outside a crate for one night (without some prior practice) is nearly impossible.  After an hour of being closed into the bathroom (father-in-law's suggestion), the whining and barking started.  Hubby had to sleep on the couch holding the dog's collar all night for him to settle down - even then it was only three hours of sleep all night... making for a very grumpy and tired puppy the next day.  On top of that, I got no sleep either, and we had no overnight bag, so I had to sleep in my clothes and had nothing to change into the next day.  Now, I told you before of my previous experience with my mother-in-law and the dog.  I am still furious and had no intention of going back to her house with or without the dog for a long time.  I was not given a choice.  So I was stuck in the basement with a grumpy dog all alone and to top it off my phone was nearly dead (with no charger) and there was NOTHING on TV.  I ended up taking the dog for an hour walk - we were both exhausted and he slept for and hour and then wanted to go again!  Around 3 pm, after 6 hours of working on the car, father-in-law finally gave up having no clue what could be wrong - checked the alternator, belts, battery, starter, and a couple of other things.  The fan started going off when the door was opened (with no key in the ignition) - so he thinks it is an electrical issue.  He hands us his truck keys and says that he'll get it looked at on Tuesday.  So we pile the groceries and purchases into a garbage bag and weigh it down with rocks, then pile the rest of it, us, and the dog into the cab of the truck and head for home.  The good news is that the puppy traveled wonderfully - of course he did, he could cuddle up to us all time.  By the time we got home, we all were exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  We didn't even have supper.  So long story short - my car died and who knows what that's going to cost - stay tuned.

In IF news, my endometrial biopsy is on Tuesday.  Yes, this Tuesday.  When I booked it I told the nurse (who is amazing by the way) that I am really anxious because every biopsy has gotten worse and worse for pain.  She said she'd talk to the doctor.  She called me back and said that they would fax a prescription to the pharmacy for me.  She prescribed fast-acting Ativan and Hydromorphone.  Apparently this is supposed to help with the anxiety and the pain.  Hopefully it works.  I'm really terrified that it is going to be super-painful again.  I know it's only a couple of minutes, but I'm already freaking out about the pain and really don't want to go there again.  I've been in a total funk over this upcoming biopsy for the last week at least.  I'm terrified of the pain and I"m terrified of the results.  This biopsy could be the thing that turns us back from the TTC in the fall,  or it could clear us which then causes all sorts of extra issues because the weight just isn't coming off... but that's another post.  So, yeah, the biopsy is really getting me down - I really don't want to do it... and I'm stuck on the "it's so not fair" thing again. :(



Wow! You've had a rough few days. That sucks! I hope the new med helps make the biopsy more bearable.

Toni Rapp

Yuck what a crappy past few days. Thinking of you tomorrow and hoping things go smoothly.

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