Monday, 27 February 2012

Excerpts from the Classroom

So I just had to share this bit of humour from my class today. It involves nothing about babies, nothing about infertility, nothing about any of that... but it had me laughing so hard I nearly peed myself.

Background: I am currently teaching a unit on Greek Mythology to my grade 8 English class. I told them today that we were going to be talking about Greek creation stories tomorrow. I also warned them that we would be discussing a god by the name of Uranus. This naturally resulted in giggles. So I said the name again and again until the giggles were no longer so noisy or instant. Good, they got it out of their systems a bit. Anyway, this one boy, we'll call him Andy, was in the washroom when I was talking about this, so when he came back into the class, this is how the conversation went.

Me to whole class: Ok, so once again, tomorrow we will be talking about the creation story and we will be discussing Uranus.

Andy with a look of sheer shock on his face: What? My anus? Why my anus? I don't know if I'm comfortable with that! You should discuss Kenny's anus instead!!

He said this without any bit of a smile, and knowing Andy as I do, this was not a joke - he was dead serious!!

My response was to start laughing - I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then the bell rang and I dismissed them through the laughter.

Sometimes I absolutely love love love middle years! So honest and so real!



Too funny.


Ha! Love it!


Too funny! I'm still doing Greek mythology right now. We should compare notes.


MN - I've just started my unit, I'm doing Percy Jackson (Lightning Thief) as a novel study. I am making them do a presentation about a particular god to give them some background info, but instead of assigning the god, they have to compete for it in my own mini Olympic games. It's hopefully going to be fun. I'm relating each event to a Greek myth, so hopefully they will have fun with it and compete (and it's not even based on athletic skill so everyone has a chance - for example, for the Icarus story, they have to make paper airplanes and the furthest person gets the most points).

I'm very excited for the unit, and the kids were mesmerized today when we talked about Cronus and Rhea and the Titans. It was awesome.

When you can get the complete, undivided attention of 18 14-year-olds for an entire hour, you're definitely doing something right.

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