Saturday, 18 February 2012

My New Love

I finally went to the new Sephora store in the city. It's been open for a while, but I hadn't gotten there yet - primarily because it's in the big mall downtown and it's a pain to get to, plus that mall gets crazy busy on weekends.

Anyway, today hubby suggested that we go shopping for the afternoon... he knows me so well :)

We went to the big mall and I checked out Sephora while he went on the hunt for video games. After telling him I'd meet him in 15 minutes, I walked out of the store nearly 45 minutes later and about $100 poorer. I got some great stuff though... I could spend hours in there. I got some philosophy body wash. I had some years ago as a gift, but haven't been able to get it in this province (as far as I know). I got some great lip stuff and some eye shadows. Oh, and some dry shampoo (I have very oily roots, but the rest of my hair is super dry and so fine - if I wash every day it gets brittle and frizzy, but if I don't, my roots look disgusting... hence dry shampoo for the roots). This dry shampoo is actually meant for dark hair, so that's good - the typical stuff often leaves my hair looking like I'm going grey.

So, a very successful shopping trip. I think I love that store. Even better was that when I signed up for a points card, they asked when my birthday was. When I said "today". She got all giddy and said "Oh, I NEVER get to give out the birthday gifts - other people always get birthday customers... you just made my day". She gave me a lip duo from "Sugar". It's pretty good stuff (lip moisturizer, and a tinted lip moisturizer and it tastes like lemonade!)

Hubby also followed me around a couple of department stores where I ended up getting five tops for about $70 total. I paid full price for one of them, but the rest were all less than $10.

For supper, my inlaws took us out for seafood - it was so good... and I'm so full!!! I came home and collapsed on the couch!

Tomorrow I"m going to have a much needed girl's day with a friend who also needs a day off from her crazy family who have gone skiing. We're actually going to have a sleepover - stay up late, watch movies, etc. Should be fun!

All in all it was a pretty good day. I nearly cried when we were waiting to be seated for supper and the woman standing right across from me was pregnant. She kept rubbing her stomach and was so happy. It made me sad. I know that it shouldn't. And I know that I don't know her story. If I'm lucky, I could be that woman in a few months and someone could be sad because of my situation. Who knows, maybe that woman was pregnant after years of pain of IF. But in my mind, that wasn't true and I was sad... even if only for a few minutes... it's impossible to escape it completely.

I just remembered something funny that happened while shopping though. We were walking by one store and my husband pointed out this little onesie (diaper-shirt). He said "when you get pregnant, I'm buying that one". It had the following saying on it... "I'm cute, my mom's cute, my dad's ... lucky!!!" It made me giggle a bit. :)



I'm glad you had such a great birthday (aside from the sadness of seeing the pregnant lady).

I hope Mark is buying that onesie very soon!

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