Saturday, 11 February 2012

What I Noticed

We just finished watching "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas". I can't help it. I love the Harold and Kumar movies. Sometimes sophomoric humour is just what I need. And yes, I know it's March, but the movie just came out... so we sat down to watch it.

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched it but wants to...

In the movie Harold and his wife are trying to have a baby. They haven't been successful, and on Christmas morning she gets a positive pregnancy test. I called bullshit on this. This is why. Less than 24 hours before this test, she told Harold she was ovulating. This tells me that only about 2 weeks prior to this, she had AF visiting. So even if she was pregnant, she would be about a day pregnant and no test in the world would pick that up.

So I was nearly livid about this point. I made my husband pause the movie and blurted all this out. My husband just looked at me with amusement and confusion. His response to me...

"ok, so in this movie a baby gets high several times, a man nearly gets his dick scalded off, NPH isn't gay, two guys who are not wearing seatbelts roll a van and survived - walk away even, a man throws a flaming tree out of a window and has no burns at all, and Santa gets shot in the head and they stitch it up with some thread and whiskey and he's able to walk away... and the pregnancy test is what YOU find bizarre???"

My response... "well yeah, because it's just not possible"

He must have laughed at me for about five minutes before we could finish the movie.

Yeah, those are the things that I notice. :)



I completely understand! I find myself critiquing movies' fertility gaffes also. In High Crimes, Ashley Judd's character had a positive opk and they HAD to have sex right then. And of course the Friends episode when Phoebe had her brother's embryos transferred that morning, lay upside down in a chair all day, and then had a positive hpt that afternoon. There are times when I want to throw something at the tv.


That would have been me too! Haha. You hubby does have a point.


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