Saturday, 23 March 2013

Babies and Puppies

So, fair warning, this is going to be another whiny post.

I have scheduled the surgery for my pup to have his manhood removed for April 2.  Since the vet is over two hours away, and in the same city that the inlaws live in, we figured that we'd go in the night before and stay over.  We have to have pup at the vet by 7 am, so it makes sense to stay over.

Hubby called his parents today to just confirm that we could go - it was supposed to be an easy call of simply informing them that we were coming.  It turned into us not being able to go after all.

As I understand it, BIL is going to be there that same night since he is flying somewhere the next day.  Since he will have the baby there, we aren't allowed to have the dog there.  It was stated in very clear terms - the dog is not allowed when the baby is here.

Now, I get that my dog is hyper.  He's nearly a year old so he's got tons of energy, and he's at that adolescent stage so that means he doesn't want to listen well either.  We're working on that.  But he loves everyone he comes in contact with and I've never seen him get vicious at any point in his life (and if any dog had the reason, it would be him considering where he came from).

I get the fear of having a big dog near a baby.  But come on, I would never leave him off leash or let him that close to the baby.  I know he doesn't know his own strength and can be damned pushy.  But is that a reason to outlaw him?  Apparently so.

It's gotten to the point where I feel like we're not welcome in the inlaw's house because of the dog.  MIL hates the dog.  She claims she doesn't, but she actually cringes when he's around. FIL loves him, but we know who runs the place.  I told hubby tonight that she better get used to him because he's going to live to be 15 or so years old, and he travels with us.

I started thinking about what's going to happen if we manage to get pregnant.  I'm sure she will suggest we get rid of the dog.  And that statement will be met with a statement that will be not overly nice but clearly telling her off.  I adopted my dog and cats with the full understanding that they are mine to care for until they are done on this earth.  I don't  believe in just getting rid of them when it's not convenient.  I had no choice but to give my cat to my parents for a year while I was finishing school, but as soon as I moved into my own house, I took her back.  I missed her horribly while she was with them.  I love my pets.  I don't like the insinuation that they are bad or that people would dislike them.

It just pisses me off.  I know it's stupid, but my pets are my babies and I feel like when they are rejected, so am I.



I totally get where you're coming from on this. My dogs have always been fully integrated members of the family for me. Like you, I wouldn't be able to shunt them off into a garage for the night to please someone else. And there is NO WAY I would be getting rid of my pets just because a baby was brought into the home. I actually think it's better for kids to be raised with animals.

Plus, it's just insulting that your MIL thinks that you wouldn't be responsible with your dog around a baby. Does she know you at all????


Your MIL is just wrong. She is being difficult- though it sounds like she has been for a while. It sucks. I hope she gets over some of this as the kid gets older. Otherwise you may never see the BIL's family.

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