Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So you had a bad day...

That song started playing as I was driving home from work, on very wet roads that will be slick as hell in the morning.  I started crying.  I did have a bad day and when I got home it seemed to get worse.  There was nothing big that happened, just a lot of little stuff.

This morning one of my students was in tears over the breakup with her boyfriend.  I teach middle years and fully believe that these kids are much too young to date.  Nobody is emotionally stable enough at 12 to be in a relationship with another human being.  Hell, a lot of people aren't emotionally stable enough at 22 or 32!  I tried to talk to the child in question, but she really didn't want to talk.  She said that she would come to me if she felt like we was going to snap.  But, of course, she didn't.  Instead she went and hit the girl who her ex is now seeing (major rebounds going on here).  She is naturally upset by her punishment and doesn't think it's fair since she says the other girl pushed her first, but since it was all the other girl's friends in the room, that wasn't said by any witness.

Next, I had to chase down several students for homework - which I find tedious and ridiculous.  I just don't think that I should have to chase them down at this point... but I do.  It just pisses me off.

I've been running an extra-curricular activity at school for over a year now.  This year the committment from the students is lacking and we decided today to cancel it for the rest of the year.  It makes me sad, I love that activity and it's a nice break from real-life, but without students there is no point.

However, some of my other students want to start a gay-straight alliance group.  I told them I would be their teacher supervisor, but they had to have a group of interested students.  The problem is though that we are in a small, rural town and something like that may not actually fly with parents and community members.  We have some students in our school who are openly gay and bi, but parents would rather not acknowledge it... which is part of the problem.  I see it as being a battle from day one.

I spend a part of my day with the smallest people in the school.  I know they are only 5 & 6 years old, but being asked if I "have a baby in my tummy" is still painful.  Yes, I'm extra fluffy in that area, but when the comments come it hurts.  I know they are just little kids, but seriously people, teach your children not to ask such questions!  The other day I had a child ask if I had any kids at home - when I told him no, he said "Oh, you should go get some".  Ahhh, if only it was that easy.

My husband (who is currently unemployed) decided to go for lunch with a friend, which meant that he planned out nothing for supper and wasn't hungry after his late lunch.  That meant that I ended up having a can of soup for supper again... I hate soup (unless I"m sick).

Finally, I have mother issues.  My mother has a neurological issue that we found out a couple of months ago is going to require brain surgery.  She was supposed to be having her first appointment with the brain surgeon on Friday, but "it might snow they say on tv, so I'm calling tomorrow to cancel".  Nothing I could say would change the woman's mind.  Who does that?  Who decides two days before that they are cancelling.  You wait until that morning and then call and cancel if there is bad weather.  My mother might be certifiable.  The worst part is that she thinks it's just super-simple to cancel a sub.  "Just tell them you don't need the sub".  Yeah, I could do that, but the sub has been booked for weeks which means that the woman has probably turned down several other jobs for that day... so for me to come in the day before and say "nope, don't need you", I think is rude and doesn't show respect for my sub.  I'm not sure what I"m going to do exactly - maybe take a medical day myself and get chiro done... if the weather is good enough of course. With my luck, the weather will be crap, confirming my mother's suspicions and only giving her fodder for the next time.

I think the only option left at this point is to just call it a day and try again tomorrow.



Sometimes that is all we can do- try again tomorrow. I hope that things calm down at school. I hope that your mom gets to her appointment soon and you get better news.


Yeah, I'd classify that as a crap day.

I think you should take yourself shopping on Friday!


I work with adults and aside from the physical acts it sounds the same. Pettiness, chasing people to do their jobs, and people who don't care about their jobs. But, I don't envy teachers.

I think you should take the day off too and do what the weather dictates and make sure it includes some relaxation either way.

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