Thursday, 30 May 2013


Well after over an hour sitting in the waiting room in pain, watching everyone else go in first, I finally got called to a room where I sat for another 30 minutes before anyone came to attend to me. 

I was sitting on the bed crying from the pain when the nice EMT from Tuesday walked by and saw me. He was shocked that they still hadn't seen me. I told him that I thought the triage nurse didn't take me seriously. He came into the room, patted my arm and said how the EMTS were just talking at coffee about what an ass that guy is. It made me feel a bit better.

So the nurses came to deal with me and were awesome! Then the doctor came in and he was amazing. So nice and very understanding. He convince me to take some IV painkiller. Morphine. How do people get addicted to that stuff? It just makes me woozy - I hate the feeling! But it does kill the pain better than anything else I've ever had.

The doc had them take blood and did an exam. Blood results showed elevated white blood cells... Quite elevated. He also accessed my pathology report from the D&C and here is the important part... Are you ready?  NO sign of cancer, precancerous, or even abnormal cells!!! What it did show was infection of the endometrial layer (endometritis). So that explains the elevated white cells. Apparently it can be easily treated with antibiotics.

So they gave me antibiotics by IV and sent me off with a prescription for that and painkillers. The doc also talked to my oncologist who said to call tomorrow and come see her on Tuesday for a follow up. Great... Another day off work. Sigh. This is getting ridiculous! 

So now I'm waiting in the car for hubby who is getting my prescription filled at the notoriously slow pharmacy.

Oh and THANK YOU for all your kind messages and support... It meant a lot. And an extra big thanks to Jen for leaving her couch to come and pick up my hubby's car so we don't have to pay three days of hospital parking. 

At this point I just want to go home to bed and try to get through work tomorrow - yes I'm goin in... I've missed so much already! Sigh



It was no problem at all. I'm just glad they finally took care of you!

That's fantastic news about your results! (Well, except for the infection.) Time to get this baby-making thing going!


Thank goodness for kind people after all that crap! And woooo to great pathology results--I'm sorry you have the infection, but how exciting to have such a clear report! I hope the treatment goes by soon so that you can get going on the next steps. Glad you're feeling better!


I'm loving the good news.

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