Friday, 31 May 2013

Gone to the dogs

So lately my interactions with a friend on FB have been rather tense, and they all seem to be about dogs.

The friend has posted numerous things about other people who have dogs and what they are doing wrong with them. One of her big issues seems to be people with large dogs who don't have a fenced yard, and people who leave their dogs unattended all day. Both of those apply to me.

She has said things like why have a dog if you don't take care of it properly- if you can't afford to build the fence, you can't afford the dog. This wasn't directed at me specifically but I took offense and made a comment about it.  No we don't have a fenced yard. We own a double lot in a small town which is about the equivalent of four city lots. To fence it properly would cost about $3000. Not in the budget. The argument is so reminiscent of the adoption/fertility treatment argument. I can afford to raise a child but dropping $20-50 grand at once to bring it to me is not as doable. My dog has a 40-ft cable tether that is tied to a huge tree in the middle of the yard. Simple math tells me that he has a 80-ft diameter space to play, or 5000 sq ft to play in. That is way more than some animals ever get. He's happy on his tether, he doesn't even notice he's on it. We only put him on it when we can check on him regularly... And he doesn't like being alone outside so he usually isn't. 

Yes I leave him alone all day - I have to fucking work. He's been used to 10-12 hr days alone at home since he was about 5 months old and it doesn't bother him. I don't care if he has an accident, that's why I bought a shampooer. I I'm away too long and it happens, it's my own fault- I don't blame the dog.

So where is all this venting stemming from? Well today I posted how awesome my dog is lasting a long 17 hours during yesterday's shit storm of medical enjoyment. She responded that I should give a key to my neighbors for when  going to be late. I simply said that yesterday was an anomaly and that I don't know my neighbors. She responded that she knows hers really well. I thought it was done when I explained how I'm not around much and my neighbors don't even recognize me. But no. She made another comment which was something about my husband but deleted it before I could read it and then deleted me from FB.
This woman has never been a close friend, but her little digs lately have bugged me, and just deleting (and blocking) me without any explanation or anything kinda hurts... And I don't know why.


Mr. Thompson and Me

What a witch. You are better without her! (but I know how you feel - I've never met my mother-in-law as she was estranged from my husband long before I met him...but she blocked me on FB and it hurt. Not gonna lie. Any type of rejection - even from jerks - sucks!)


I saw her comments on that post and was taken aback by how judgemental she was. And then to delete you? What the hell...?

Fences are nice, but they're not essential. When I first got Sadie, I didn't have a fence. She did just fine on a tether and being taken for walks. My dogs were also left alone for long stretches while I was away at work, but they didn't suffer long-term psychological damage from it. And technically Loki isn't alone that whole time - he has your cats. Other animals DO count as company. Even if you did know your neighbours well, maybe they wouldn't be reliable or trustworthy. I certainly wouldn't have felt comfortable giving my key to any of my neighbours.

This lady sounds like a real pill. Good riddance.


I agree that the judgmental woman needs to get a life of her own and quit bothering other people. You dog is cared for and loved. He is not one of the chained dogs who never get off the chain and never get any interaction. She needs to quit being so hateful. As for FB you are probably better off without her.

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