Friday, 31 May 2013

Feelin' Fine

Well after yesterday's insane ER ride, I thought I would update...

I'm feeling great today. Not even a spot of blood which is awesome. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to be lulled into a false confidence and not be prepared, but not feeling like I am overflowing with every step is nice.

The pain is pretty much at its end as well. I still feel like I've been punched in the gut, but there is no major cramping and stabbing pain.

The antibiotics are crazy strong so make me tired and a bit woozy but if they make me feel better otherwise, then it's totally worth it. They are super high dose so must pick up some acidophilus so I don't end up with a yeast infection on top of everything else.

I'm just glad that I decided to go instead of just going home and waiting it all out. The oncologist told the ER doc that she felt the antibiotics would stop the bleeding because the infection was the cause so she didn't want any more anti-bleeding drugs given unless it started back up. They gave me some via IV initially which helped.  The funny part was that even though I has these drugs, I bled like a stuck pig when they took out the IV. Stuck pig... Funny phrase, wonder where that came from? Hmmm.

Anyway, I also took a dilaudid this morning to try to ward off any pain that might start. Maybe not a good idea before school... It was everything I could do not to go nap on the couch during my prep time lol.

So basically, I'm feeling so much better today. Still going to be an early night, but that's ok. I don't have a lot to do this weekend so at least I can relax a bit. 

I this morning I opened my work email to find a message from one of our superintendents (she's pretty high up and therefore definitely my boss). She saw me nearly pass out on Tuesday and was at the meeting yesterday when I got so sick. She even offered to drive me to the hospital. Anyway, she emailed to see how I was doing. Little things like that make it much easier to come to work... Knowing that people actually are enough, even to just send a message ... It made me feel like more than just an employee number in a file.

Well enough babble. Just waiting on my ride and then home to a very sucky dog (who btw was stuck in the house for over 17 hours yesterday and didn't make a mess at all... He rocks!!!)


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