Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ambulance visit

So I had to take my students to a career day today. I should have pawned it off on someone else, I really should have. The morning was spent wandering around a hockey rink and then standing in line for lunch. Here's an idea.... Let's serve lunch to 400 people but only have two people on cookin burgers. Oh well. The kids had a good time at the event anyway.

I on the other hand...

I nearly passed out and ended up spending an hour in the back of an ambulance.  As we were standing in line for food, I started getting dizzy and weak. I was shaking badly and the world was spinning. Nothing I did seemed to fix it so I went to find a place to sit... Which just happened to be the bumper of a nearby ambulance. One of the organizers saw me and came over. I told him I though I was going to pass out and suddenly I had 3 ambulance attendants surrounding me and putting me in the back of the ambulance. They wanted to transport me to the city to the hospital but I couldn't leave my students without a supervisor. (Nobody better ever tell me that teachers don't care) So I signed the form saying that I refused their care. However that was after an hour of observation in the back of the rig. My BP was high, my oxygen was low, my blood sugar was ok but near the bottom of normal, I was pale and clammy. They put me on oxygen for a bit and just monitored me. The dude said that he thought I was probably dehydrated but if he hydrated me with IV then they really needed to take me in.

They told me not to drive and to not walk around too much. They wanted me to go to the hospital if I had another spell. At one point he asked if I had a headache, I responded with "yeah but I just rode a bus with 25 teenagers for 1.5 hours".  The EMTs were impressed that instill had a sense of humor while nearly passing out.

I think the big problem was the long school bus ride which caused me a lot of pain as things hurt "down there" with every bump. And the copious amounts of painkillers I was taking all day. It just all hit at once. I had my husband pick me up from work and now I'm on the couch with a heating pad. I still feel yucky - tired and kinda woozy and dizzy but my BP is normal so I'm not too worried. 

The worst part of all of this is that my husband is taking this opportunity to regale me with sports stories and news... And I just don't care... But I'm pretending really well!



Oh man...that's scary! Please take it easy. And no more long bus rides!

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