Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Results Are In...

So I saw Dr. B yesterday - she's the OB/GYN that I was referred to.

First of all, the oncologist didn't send her copies of ANY of my tests or reports on what had happened with me, and she was the referring doctor. *sigh* so I had to give her a whole background of my time with him. Plus, she thinks that every six months might be too much for follow up biopsies, given how painful they are... I'm inclined to agree.

So, after waiting 1.5 hours to see her, we get in and she takes the background. She looks at my file and says "well, so you've really only been trying for about two months"... I quickly corrected her and said, "well, that and the 15 months prior to the hyperplasia starting up". She responded quite favourably and said "oh, so you probably want to get this show on the road".

See, here's the thing. I know that I'm not that old... really, I'm only 34, but I know that 35 is just around the corner, and that by the time I have a baby I'll be inching up on 36 quickly. AND we want more than one child, so if this doesn't happen soon I will be 40+ trying to have my second and I wanted to avoid that if possible. SO yea, I want to "get the show on the road".

So then she tells me that she wants to do a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) - also known as the dye test. During this test, they inject a dye into your uterus via catheter and watch it via x-ray to make sure it spills out of your tubes into your abdominal cavity. This is basically to make sure that the tubes are not blocked. She said when she gets an all clear on the HSG, I can start on CLomid and and HCG trigger shot and she will monitor via ultrasound for follicle development. She gave me the scrip for both the Clomid and trigger.

So, here's the kicker... the HSG test needs to be done between days 7 and 9 of the cycle. I'm on CD 39 of my current cycle and I've been cramping for two days, so I'm sure that I'm going to see AF any day now. That's not the big problem - the problem is that Dr. B is on vacation from now until the 22nd. That means that unless I hold off until at least the middle of next week, this next cycle is shot for the dye test and therefore the meds too. Which means that my August/Sept cycle is out, the dye test will take place during the Sept/Oct cycle, and we can't start with the Clomid until the Oct/Nov cycle. I just really wanted to try earlier.

I can understand her wanting to cover her bases with all of this, but it's pretty clear by my temps that I'm not ovulating at all, how about we get me to ovulate and THEN we'll work on the idea of worrying about whether my tubes are blocked. I've read that lots of women get pregnant after the test because a minor blockage in their tubes are cleared. I would be looking forward to this but if I'm not ovulating, then clearing a blockage won't make a damned bit of difference.

Part of me wants to try to use the Clomid on this upcoming cycle to see if it helps me to ovulate, but then I worry what will happen if I'm still not - how do I tell her that I tried it too early, etc.

I guess I wait.. more waiting... sigh.



You know, I'm not really sure why you can't have the test the same month you start clomid. I know other women have done both in the same month. The test doesn't hurt the eggs at all, from what I've read. And the timing of the test is early enough that you don't have to worry about already having ovulated.

Worst case scenario is that your tubes are blocked and the clomid is a waste for that month. But I'd say if you really don't want to sit out another month, you should ask her about it.


I think I will. That does make a lot of sense. I can't figure why I should wait, unless it interferes with the test, and it shouldn't. Plus, it would shorten the waiting time, and it's money out of my pocket if the cycle fails because of blocked tubes, so it shouldn't really matter to her... right??

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