Monday, 22 August 2011

What's My Name Again?

When I went to see the OB on the 11th she told me to call in on CD 1 to book my HSG. Well, CD 1 was on Friday and they were closed on Friday, so I called this morning. I didn't anticipate it being a problem as the doctor told me that if AF showed up when the office was closed, just call the next open day. The nurse made it sound this morning like I was asking for a miracle.

First of all she couldn't find my chart. So, part of the problem was that the files are in my maiden name. When I was first referred to the OB, I hadn't yet changed my name on the my health card, so the files stayed in my maiden name. I changed my name on the cards about six months ago, but the problem is that the files there weren't changed. I asked them to make the change, but apparently they didn't. So there was that confusion to deal with. She finally found my file and took my number, saying she would call me back.

That was at 9:30 this morning.

At about 4:15 this afternoon, I was just about to pick up the phone and call to find out if she had booked the HSG yet. Then the phone rang. It was the same nurse. She apologized for it taking so long and told me that it still wasn't booked. She had sent over the fax to the hospital and called to confirm with them. However, they did not have it booked yet. She said she would have a time tomorrow. She said that the appointment would be either Thursday or Friday, but would have to tell me tomorrow.

At least she called and told me what was going on.

I'm really not looking forward to this test. I'm so tired of testing and the fear of it showing something wrong is really freaking me out :(


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