Sunday, 11 December 2011

Clumsy, thy name is peg

Yeah, so in my last post I mentioned that I wore ratty runners to work on Friday. I didn't have much of a choice. My foot was so swollen up that none of my shoes fit right... except the ratty runners.

On Wednesday,I was carrying a TV down the steps outside our house. Why a TV you ask? Good question! We were putting on a drama production at my school and needed a TV for two of the plays. I have an 11 inch tube TV that has been sitting in my linen closet for the last 5 years... that's right, you heard me, 11 inches. I got it in 1994 for a Christmas gift in Grade 12 because I was moving out the next fall and NEEDED a TV.

Anyway, I'm clumsy. I often joke that I could fall down in bare feet on a flat floor... that's how clumsy I am - and I have before. I often lose my balance just standing. Years of ear infections have fucked me up! But I digress.

I was slowly taking the stairs, knowing that it might be a little dangerous, with the ice and the dark and not being able to see properly. I got to the bottom step and thought - YES! homefree! And then it happened....

As my left foot touched the bottom step, over it went. I flipped my ankle. Now, keep in mind that I was walking downward at the time and my other foot was basically off of the previous step, so my entire weight went down onto my turned ankle. The TV went flying and I screamed.

I hadn't felt pain like that for years! I have sprained my ankles lots in the past - I wore ankle braces for sports in highschool when they weren't a commonplace thing. But this, well this hurt worse than any sprain I ever remember (and I have been on crutches four times before for sprained ankles).

So, I spent Wednesday at work with my foot up on a chair, and an ice pack on it. All day! Wednesday night at drama practice I sat with my foot up too. No helping with walk-throughs for me. It hurt to put any weight on it at all, and even wiggling my toes resulted in a horrifying amount of pain!

Thursday wasn't as bad - it hurt, but I could put some pressure on it. I just couldn't bend it with excruciating pain shooting up my leg. I had crutches that I picked up from my parents place, but apparently in the moving (my parents moved two years ago), my dad lost the rubber tips off the end. I guess he needed the extra inch of space in a truck or something :S So the plastic ends were dangerous and I figured better to without them than have the crutches slip out from under me. So I spent a lot of time on my feet moving very slowly, as Thursday was our drama production (which went wonderfully by the way).

Friday the pain was still there but I could at least walk on it fairly well. It still hurt to bend it, but I could put a lot of weight on it. I got some rubber tips for the crutches so used them - it was easier to walk when I didn't have to worry about putting weight on it. And it hurt less at the end of the day.

Yesterday I basically sat on my ass and did nothing. I crawled down the stairs at 10 am and stayed there until I went to bed at 2 am! Today the pain is mostly gone unless I try to bend it much or touch it. The swelling is mostly gone, and there is only a bit of bruising. I can walk on it with only a slight limp, but here's the kicker...

It keeps clicking when I walk. I googled this and what I found is that I most likely have torn some ligaments. I should mention that I didn't NOT go to the doctor. I know I probably should have, but I live about an hour from any xray and in my past experience, a sprain is met with "Ice and rest". So why bother driving and trying to fit in a trip to the doctor and waiting 2 hours (at least) to see someone when I know what a sprain is and know how to deal with it. Besides, if it's still clicking in a few days I'll go. They need to do an MRI to diagnose torn ligaments and I'm not sure there is much they can do to fix those anyway. An MRI in this province is about a six month wait, so I figure that I"m not really messing up too much waiting another week.

So for now, I sit with my leg up and do nothing... too bad my house doesn't realize that I'm injured and clean itself for Christmas.



While you're recuperating, you should go pick up your blog award on my blog. :P


Maybe you can get into physio in the mean time. I hurt my ankle years ago and managed to continue walking on it. When I went to a foot clinic for foot pain (unrelated) the physiotherapist figured I did some ligament damage when I hurt my ankle. Luckliy it wasn't clicking but the exercises did really helped overall (that an he recommended throwing away my Vans).

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