Monday, 12 December 2011

Survey Says...

Took at a look at my phone today just prior to last break and discovered a phone number that looked suspiciously like it might have come from my doctor's office. I waited until the day was over and called my house to see if anyone left a message... sure enough, Dr. B's office had called me.

I called them back and was put on hold, only to have Dr. B come back on the phone. She said she had my biopsy results back...

Simple Hyperplasia without Aytpia.

I was nearly speechless. I responded with "NO atypia?" She assured me that there was no atypia. I was pretty much ecstatic at this!

I remember very clearly a year ago when I got a similar call from her to tell me that I had the worst kind of hyperplasia, and this time she's telling me that I have the best kind. If you had to choose a hyperplasia (which I don't recommend) this would be the type that you would want to choose.

So I asked her what we do next. She said that the last time I had the D&C but she would like to avoid surgery - which I'm fine with. She said that I so quickly responded to the meds last time that she wants me to start on medication asap and then in three months do another biopsy. My husband is going to pick up my prescription on Wednesday so I can start the Provera again. That should make for a great Christmas with the headaches, etc that I get with the Provera, not to mention that I should be right about at the point of horribly crampy bleeding right when we're moving my grandmother out of her house at New Years. Oh well. At least it isn't cancer right?

I told her that in my expert medical opinion (this made her giggle a bit, I haven't been cycling without medication - the provera made me have a period, and the clomid did, but off of those, I was simply spotting which would lead to buildup. She said she agreed absolutely.

I specifically asked if I could start the Clomid as soon as we had a clear biopsy. She said absolutely, there was no reason to wait. So this is the plan of action...

On Wednesday night I start the Provera. I take it for three months and in March have a biopsy (scheduled for March 14th). When the biopsy (hopefully) comes back clear, I start the Clomid and follicle tracking on the next cycle. So if everything goes as Dr. B and I expect, I should be able to start Clomid with my April cycle.

Fingers crossed.

I'm sad that I have to wait for a few more months, but I am trying to remain positive about the idea that it's not cancer, it's not even pre-cancerous, and this type of hyperplasia has an 80% chance of clearing up on it's own (and I"m going to help it along with the drugs). So, I'm trying to not get too worried about it. Sad I have to wait, but glad that it's not a worse outcome.



I find your optimisim inspiring tonight. Thanks.

I'm sorry I don't understand it more but I'm glad it's not worse. Does that make sense?


makes perfect sense :)


I am so glad for you. I know it's hard to wait, but you have a really great outlook on it. Onto better things.


I'm SO relieved for you. And I have a very good feeling that you'll get good results from the biopsy in March. Waiting stinks, but thank goodness you're ok. :)

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