Saturday, 10 December 2011


Yes, this post is about pants.

I want to write more about the TTC journey, but right now I just don't have much to say and I'm getting depressed over the whole wait, and Christmas, and work, and life in general. Not having any sort of medication in this cycle, I fear I'm looking at a 50+ day cycle again (currently on CD 32 with no signs of AF in sight) and that makes me sad. I feel kinda abandoned by my medical people and my family doesn't want to hear a word of any of it... go figure. I've been living in a sort of purgatory, or limbo, where I don't discuss it but I know it's still there... just waiting for the phone to ring and shatter everything!

So for this post, so I don't end this post in a puddle of tears, I'm going to talk about pants!

Why pants? Because they have turned into quite the source of contention at my workplace.

Earlier this year, my administrator said that we could do casual Fridays, but no jeans. What the hell is the point? Many of us said that... so then he kind of backtracked and said "well, as long as they look professional". So, since the start of the year I've been wearing my very dark denim jeans on Fridays. I pair them with a nice shirt and nice shoes (except this week when I wore my old runners, but that's another story for another time). My MIL works in a government office and wears jeans all the time to work, and I know that I look professional.

So, I guess one of my colleagues got in trouble for wearing blue jeans early in the year, so now the questions are being thrown around... can we wear them? My admin sent out another email saying "jeans are fine, but not blue jeans, and as long as they aren't worn out". I continued to wear my dark denim.

Now, I'm not trying to be a bitch on purpose here, but I don't consider dark denim to be blue jeans. Besides, I look around at what other people are wearing and this is what I see yesterday...

One woman was wearing light grey, faded jeans with a t-shirt

One woman was wearing a track suit (which by the way made that awful noise every time she walked. I have nothing against big people, I am one, but we should not wear cordouroy or track suit pants... the sound is gross)

Two women were wearing stretchy yoga pants which show off EVERYTHING!

Two men were wearing flimsy shorts (yes, that's right, shorts in Canada, in winter) and I'm not talking dress shorts, I'm talking work-out type shorts... the really shiny kinds, the kind that looks like jersey material.

And someone is going to have the nerve to tell me "you're wearing blue jeans"?

Now, I must admit that my admin has seen me every week wearing the dark denim and has said nothing... which is good, because I'm ready for a fight. I'm sorry, but if we are to look professional, your pants shouldn't be so tight that I can tell whether or not you wax. It's just not right. Add onto that that we work with pubescent boys and it's a whole other problem.

I'm just a little frustrated. My husband was told he couldn't wear his $90 designer shirt because it is wrinkled (it's pre-wrinkled, it's supposed to be that way), and it's a NICE shirt... but it's not professional enough. And yet, on any day of the week, women are walking around in yoga pants (that's right, not just Fridays people, but any day), and men are wearing shorts and tshirts.

Oh the horrors!!

Won't somebody please think of the children... and my eyes!!



What? Yoga pants are ok, but jeans aren't? How does that make sense???

Maybe you should show up to work in sweatpants and a hoodie. They can't complain about that. It's not jeans, after all.


I don't get the rationale about yoga pants vs. jeans and possibly the dress down thing. We have dress down days on Fridays but I see people wearing jeans (including a supervisor) on other days too. You can look professional in jeans.

For the record, I love the aside in the TTC blog. I always wonder if I'm boring people with non TTC stuff, but I really enjoyed this post.

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