Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crazy week

I'm exhausted. Since school started back after Easter break I feel like I haven't had a moment's rest.

On Monday I had to make 2 desserts fr our drama dessert theater and a dish for the cast potluck. I'm a sucker for some of the kids in the play and when two of them requested the sweet and sour meatballs I made at Christmas, well I just had to. So I got home and spent my evening in the kitchen.

Tuesday our drama club did a full performance of our competition play for the community. It was a dessert theatre. We had about 75 people turn out which is really good for our community. It was a long night but the kids did amazing! If they perform that good at competition on Friday, hey can't lose.

Today was a tough day. I was tires and a couple of kids were pushing my buttons. I just wanted a nap. By the last class I really just needed to sleep. But there was more drama practice after school so that was out.

My uncle passed away late Mobday night. He is the second oldest in my father's family. He and my dad were kinda close (my dad was the fifth kid - no fertility issues in that family). Thy hadn't seen each other for a while but talked on the phone lots. He ended up with pneumonia which wore him down and his cancer came back with a vengeance. He was nearly 81. I remember being so scared of him as a little kid because he had a hook instead of a hand... In my head he was Captain Hook. The first weekend I remember spending at his house I got over that feat pretty quick lol. His family was really expecting more time (the doctors said a few weeks and he died that night) so they are dealing but its tough.

So it's only wednesday and I just had a 10 day break and I need another vacation.

In TTC news... Still nothing from the oncologist and nothing from AF either... But my temp plummeted this morning so I'm guessing tomorrow ... Just what I need to finish out the week!



I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. It's never easy to lose a relative. Once the competition is over, you need to take some down time- even if it is a "mental health day." You're running on sheer nerves and habit right now. Try to take care of yourself.


So sorry to hear about your Uncle. Your family is in my thoughts.


I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

I agree with MN - you need to take a day to just take care of yourself. And hopefully the oncologist's office calls you soon!


I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts are with you and your family.

I sure do miss drama club. Somedays I wish I could go back to high school (minus the acne and skinny legs, though!)


I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle.

Oh, Aunt Flo, doesn't she have anything better to do than show up on the weekend?


So sorry to hear about your uncle. I have given you a blog award btw, you can check it out over at my blog.

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