Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stop Me

So the oncologist's office hasn't been answering the phone all afternoon - which sucks!

I've been in tears all afternoon.

I'm losing my mind quickly.

I just wrote a long rant on a FB group that I"m part of. It's about the Catholic Church and reproductive technology and how I'm pretty much done with my religion at this point.

So I feel lost. I feel alone. I just want it all to stop being so hard.


Mrs Green Grass

I'm so sorry! You are right though that going to the RE is the good part of it all. I hope you get your appointment and answers soon because waiting for answers will drive anyone crazy!


Oh Peg, I am so pissed that they took so long to get back with you with the results. Oh sweetie, I hope they can get you in with the big guns quickly. I'm sorry that it has just gone on and on. I am glad that your husband is supportive.

Toni Rapp

I know it is hard to be part of a religion that penalizes us for seeking treatment due to a medical condition. I am sorry you are forced to choose sides.


Oh Peg. I know you feel alone, but I assure you, you are not. You are dealing with some scary, tremendously crappy stuff right now. I can't imagine the added stress of having your faith tested like this. I hope you can get ahold of the oncologist tomorrow. Until then, stay strong. xoxo


We're here sweetie. I am really sorry this is all happening. Hang in there...

A Shadow of My Former Self

I hope they have called you back by now. This is such a scary thing to have rolling around in your head. I am sorry you are experiencing this and hope the big city docs can offer treatment that will offer hope and a resolution to the CHA.

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