Monday, 16 April 2012

My Insane Existence

Well, it was back to work today... 12 days of vacation had killed my sleeping schedule and I nearly got no sleep last night. Well, hopefully tonight. I just took a sleeping pill, so if it turns out to be an incomprehensible posting you'll know why.

This week is uber busy. Our Drama Club is going to Regional Competition on Friday. The goal, obviously, is to win and go on to Provincial Competition. I personally, think that the kids are good enough to win it, but I might be a bit biased. They have been working really hard and it's coming together really well. We have our dress rehearsal for the community tomorrow, so that's stressful. Last time we did this we got about 60 people, but it was on a stormy night in December - this time, I'm told that we should expect a much higher turn out... yay! The kids are all excited. Practice today was crap - they were all too giddy and couldn't concentrate, but that's because we weren't on the stage as usual. Oh well.

So, Friday I'm at competition with them all day, and then Saturday, we have the banquet where we pick up our first place prize... hopefully! But this is the first time they've (or I've) ever done a competition, so everyone is a bit freaked out. But that's growing pains. I'm really sad that I'm losing two students next year through graduation... they are amazing and awesome kids! I'm going to go into business with one of them - he wants to start a recording studio when he's done work, and asked if I would do his design work... he'll probably forget by now, but he saw something that I was designing the other day and got very excited. lol

So, drama is taking over my life this week... we were going to start extended track practices this week but it snowed again and extended track means that we work outside for a full hour at lunch on the various activivities. I'm the throwing coach (shot put, discus, javellin). The kids especially laugh when I make them play catch with the shots before throwing. LOL I love it though. I was a thrower in highschool, and a good one! I held the provincial record for a while for shotput. The kids are amazed when they hear the distances I could thrown back then (can't do it now, but then, I was amazing).

I'm glad that I have so much going on right now. I"m on CD39, and if TCOYF is to be believed, I am 11DPO. That's great except there is no chance that I"m pregnant given that ovulation date. We weren't doing any baby making at that time :( If I ovulated on CD 17, then I"m 22DPO and I should be having some sorts of symptoms and a HPT would have hit BFP by now... right?

The onlcologist's office hasn't returned a phone call or email - I'm really annoyed. Oh, I shouldn't be surprised at all.

Well, my eyes are giving out, so it's time to hit the hay. Thanks for listening.



You are so involved with school! I bet the kids love being around you and doing stuff with you. Good luck with the drama competition. I get excited whenever the Academic Decathlon team goes to State- even though we never win big because our kids do not take it seriously enough. I am still so mad at your doctors that I can hardly see straight. Who the hell are they that they say "oh you need to see the oncologist" and then no one will you frigging back!!!!! I might get upset with the insensitivity at my RE's office sometimes, but this is taking it up 100 fold!!!!


I'll be looking forward to reading your victory post about the drama competition. :)

That's unbelievable that the oncologist's office hasn't gotten back to you yet. Did they go on holiday without changing their voice mail greeting???

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