Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More Grumbling

So I've been trying the oncologist's office since yesterday at lunch. No luck. I get through, choose the option to speak to a receptionist - which is the only option for talking to a real person - and then it rings four times and tells me that "I'm sorry, that extension is unavailable at this time. Please try again later". Then it hangs up!! This morning I got a busy signal, so kept trying - when it finally rang, I got the damned message again!

I thought I'd be smart. I sent an email to them telling them that I couldn't get through but that I needed an appointment and could they please advise me of the first possible time... nothing back yet. That was nearly five hours ago. I guess I'm the only one who sits on my email constantly. :(

I just hope that I can get through and get an appointment and not have to wait for them to call me with one. sigh. You would think that an oncologist's office would be a little easier to contact given the severity of what he deals with.

I took another HPT this morning... hoping beyond hope that it would come back positive. Nope, BFN! That puts me at 17 days past possible ovulation - so I'm taking that as a true negative... no baby again. TCOYF is telling me that I ovulated on CD 28. That could make sense, but it doesn't account for the spotting, etc. If it's the case, we're completely out of the game this month, because honestly, after the spotting hit, I was sicker than a dog and we did nothing to make a baby. So, if it was CD 28, I have another week to go before AF should show up. If it was CD 28 that seems really late, but given that I didn't do the trigger shot.. maybe. I don't know anymore. I'm just sick of it all. I've got slight cramping - the kind that usually starts about a day or two before my period, but I've had it for a day or two. I just want AF to show up now so that we can get the next few months over with. sigh.



Ugh. How frustrating! You'd think they'd at least give you the option to leave a message.

I'm sorry things are sucking so bad right now. :(


So when my husband and I were fighting to get me into a rheumatologists office in a timely manner we ended up actually showing up at the clinic and making the appointment. I, too, kept getting put on hold, just to have a robot come on after a few minutes and inform me no one was available. Your persistance will pay off, I promise.

And I'm so sorry for the negative HPT. In case things weren't rough enough, I'm sure that just rubs more salt in the wound. I'm thinking of you and sending you "pesky" vibes to give you the strength to press on with oncology tomorrow. xoxo


Definitely a problem with the oncologist if you can't get through and they don't reply to email. Is it close enough to show up and ask for an appointment?


Thanks ladies! Unfortunately the office is more than an hour away so I can't just drive there. As of now I still don't have any response. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. :(


OK, I'm getting as mad at this oncologist as at your other doctor. It really sounds like none of these people are even thinking about what it's like being the person who gets the bad news and really really needs to talk to someone. Keep calling. Keep emailing. It's freakin ridiculous that no one is replying!!!!

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