Saturday, 12 May 2012

Not that bad

In response to a couple of questions I got last post... the book I was referring to is "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis.  I'm not that far into it, but so far it all makes sense, and from how the naturopath explained it all from the book, it really does sound like me.  Sorry I didn't put the name in last time - I meant to :)

Well, I have completed 3 days of no cola, no wheat, and no sugar. So far so good. I don't feel like I'm restricted...but I've been busy.  This weekend will be a different story.  It's when I'm at home on the weekend that I'm into the Diet Coke, the starches, the chips, and the sweets.  It's going to be a tough day today I fear.

Originally the naturopath (Dr. G) said that I could start by just cutting back. She said that if I went from 3 cans of pop a day to 1 that was still a huge reduction.  But I know me.  One will lead to two will lead to three... so it's cold turkey or nothing.

Yesterday was interesting.  Someone (I found out later it was my "enemy" at work) brought in a bunch of snacks... chips, pretzels, chocolate, jelly beans... nothing healthy about it, and nothing that I could eat at all.  I avoided them and ate my bag of cashews and pecans instead.  A few people commented on my willpower not eating the snacks.  I told them that they had no idea...

I told a couple of coworkers that I was on a wheat and sugar restriction. One of them told me that she has cut out bread and most carbs in the past month and has noticed a difference in certain symptoms.  She is doing it for weight loss leading up to her brother's wedding, but still... it is nice to know that someone else is in on this.  Of course we all went for Chinese food for lunch, and she ordered the meal with chicken balls and breaded shrimp, so she's not THAT into it. LOL.  I discovered that the local place has an amazing beef and broccoli dish that I could every day!!!  Their fried rice is amazing too.  Funny what you discover when you have to eliminate stuff from your diet.

I'm going to weigh myself this morning and see if I've dropped anything... here's hoping.  I know it's only three days and it's possible I haven't, but a drop in that number would help to spur me on.

On a side note, my father came over while I was at work on Thursday and plowed my garden space, so that's a bonus... now I have to go out and rake it up, then figure out what to plant.  I'm not a gardener, so I don't know how this going to turn out.



You have so much more willpower than I do. I probably would have stuffed my face with all the goodies at work. :)

Did Dr. G say how long it might take for you to notice a difference in how you feel?


Yay you for the diet. I did an elimination diet a couple months ago and actually felt quite good on it. I agree you find stuff to eat that you might not have thought of eating. I still make some of the things I cooked while on the diet.

Don't worry about the gardening. Things will grow if you're a gardener or not and you'll probably enjoy doing it.


Figuring out the garden space will help keep you busy this weekend (and hopefully thinking less of foods you can not have). I am in awe of your ability to stay away from food triggers right there in front of you. My "thing" is coca-cola. I drink it all day (though my kids laugh because half of the day I am drinking a flat one from the morning.) Good luck. :-)

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