Sunday, 10 June 2012


Our new fur baby.... Loki

We picked him up from the humane society in a city about three hours away - it was quite the trip.  We went and picked him up yesterday.  After all the lack of communication with the other rescue organization, and the fact that the fee was so huge, we decided to look around for other options.  We went on petfinder and this little guy jumped out at us. He was abandoned at the gates of the humane society on May 26th.  He was incredibly malnourished, very skinny, and most of his hair was falling out.  They tried to nurse him back to health, and he's coming along nicely.  You can't see it in the picture, but his coat is really thin.  Some of it is still falling out, and some of it is bald - there isn't anything for an undercoat there right now.    He's been to the vet a few times and there is nothing wrong with his skin - no bacteria, virus, infection, etc.  Just the malnutrition.  The vet suggested getting the best food that we could afford.  I went to a pet speciality store and asked their opinion.  These guys really know their stuff.  They suggested the Blue Buff.alo Fish blend. Because it is full of all sorts of fish oils and omega-3s it is supposed to be really good for his coat and skin.  He likes it so far.

I might be biased, but he's pretty smart too.  We picked him up yesterday at 2 and he could walk on a leash, but didn't know any commands.  By this morning, he was consistently sitting on command.  By this evening, he nearly had the lay down command figured out.  He gets it sometimes. When someone walks into the room, he raises a paw and does a waving motion - it's very cute.

He's only had one accident - in my grandmother's apartment... we had only had him about an hour and didn't know his cues, so he left a pile on her floor.  She wasn't upset... said "that's what puppies do".

Our cats have differing opinions on him.  You can see the younger cat in the back of the picture laying in Loki's crate.  He wants to play, but isn't sure about it yet.  He's been spending his time laying next to wherever the puppy is... just not sure about the playing yet.  The older cat however has hidden and isn't coming out any time soon apparently.  She went into the basement and hasn't been seen since.  She'll get over it.  She did the same thing when we brought the younger cat home.

Anyway, we're having fun with him.  We've been wanting a puppy for a long time, and finally decided to just do it.  It was a quick decision, but I think that it was a good one!  Besides, he's super cute!!!



Too cute!!!! :-)


I want to bring Meg over for a play date! He is absolutely gorgeous. I think he is going to bring you a lot of joy.


He's such a little cutie! I'm so sad to hear his story, though. Poor little guy. :( At least he got lucky with his new home!

In terms of nutrition for him, I'd recommend talking to the folks at Metro Pet Market. They really know their stuff and they carefully research all of the food and supplements they carry. It might be worth talking to them about supplements you could add to Loki's food to help with the malnutrition and coat growth.


He is cute. Give it a couple months and he'll be in perfect health.


He is adorable and lucky to have found such a wonderful"forever" home. I am sure he will get healthy fur really soon.

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