Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Waiting Sucks

So I told hubby yesterday that I don't know how I'm going to survive the adoption process for a child.  We put in our adoption form for a puppy on Saturday and sent in photos of our house on Sunday.  As of last night I'd heard nothing back.  From a group who wants to get rid of their puppies fast, they don't move very fast.  I know it's only been a couple of days, but I've dealt with rescue organizations before and it's been a pretty quick approval.  We decided on the little yellow lab cross that I showed you in my last post.   She's going to be 8 weeks old on the 15th, so we want to pick her up on the 16th.  We're both really excited and have been cleaning, organizing, and planning for her to show up.

Last night I sent an email to the organization asking if they got my emails - I played stupid... acting like I couldn't tell if the emails went through because they were so big.  I got a quick email back last night saying "yes, we got it".  That's it.  No comment on what the status was, no idea given as to whether we're getting the dog.  I don't know how long to wait.  It just makes me worry that we're not going to get her.

Seriously, how am I going to survive a child adoption!  eek.



I can imagine that the adoption process for a child will be stressful. One thing I will say for the puppy adoption organization is that while they may seem slow, they are probably just trying to make sure they find good homes for the puppies. I know for two of my three (not Furboy because I bought him through a petshop) I had to apply and sign a contract to get my furbabies. I hope you hear back from them soon and that on the 16th you'll be picking up the new addition to your family. :-)


I wonder if the rescue organization was just overwhelmed with applications for the puppies and they're still trying to sort through them. Still, it would have been nice if they had at least acknowledged receiving your application.

I often think about how stressful the adoption process is and wonder if I could survive it. I know you can, though. Look at what you've been through already. If you've survived that, you can survive anything. :)

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