Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Elect to Be Annoyed

So, on Monday, May 2, my country, my wonderful country, had a general election.  We were electing the leaders of our country, those who would be the ones to make the decisions and control our fates.

Throughout the campaign, even though I knew who I was planning on voting for, I followed the campaign and the promises, and the platforms.  I am a political junkie - I fully admit it!  My first university degree was in political science, and I have always had dreams and aspirations of going into politics.  I'm not sure if I have the toughness, but I still dream of running the country.  As the results rolled in last night, I was cheering, booing, and getting very worked up. My husband was laughing at me.  My response was "this is MY sporting event".  It's true too - that's the reaction I have to politics... it is out of sheer enjoyment that I watch it.  I even admit, as strange as it may sound, I watched the Parliamentary channel a lot when I was in university - and not to fall asleep... for fun!  Yes, I'm that strange.

I like to say that politics is in my blood.  My father was very closely connected to a former leader of our province, and was very much involved in the party until just a few years ago.  Meanwhile, my uncle sat as the speaker of the house for a number of years... and a representative for many more than that.  There is even a family rumour that my great-great-grandfather was a member of parliament in Britain years ago.  It is in my blood to have political leanings.

Despite letting myself get swept up in the politics and just enjoy it, one thing because abundantly clear with each of the things that I read in the platforms.  Family was the most important thing.  No, wait, children were the most important thing.  Even according to my government I don't deserve any tax breaks or any consideration because I don't have children...  There were several tax exemptions and breaks, from all parties, but only for those people with children.

It really does stress me out that the value of a person is placed on how many little people they can push through their hoo-ha.  Of course I want to be one of those people, but in the meantime I feel like my worth has been completely discounted  by something that I truly enjoy.  And it sucks!



Mmm-hmmm. If you're not a parent, you're basically worthless. And if you're single to boot, you might as well just kill yourself and do the rest of society a favour, rather than taking up precious resources that could be used for a more worthy (ie. married with kids) person.

But I'm not bitter! :P

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