Saturday, 7 May 2011

Maybe? Maybe not?

So my body is just trying to mess with my mind. It's like they have a competition to see which can make me feel worse.

This month has been crazy.  I've been charting my BBT and checking cervical fluid, and my body is just messed up.  According to my chart, my temperature started rising on day 11 and hit a high on day 14, but then dropped really low on day 15 (so one would think that this doesn't equate to ovulation right?).  In the meantime, the cervical fluid was indicating fertile but not REALLY fertile.  On day 17, the cervical fluid indicated REALLY fertile and my BBT started rising, it peaked on day 20.  From day 11 to day 20 I was taking OPKs in order to try to catch the ovulation, and it kept saying negative.  Negative, negative, negative.  So, I'm completely confused.  Over the past two days (since day 20 when my temp spiked) I've had minor cramping and a small amount of spotting.

So, here's the thing.  I've been on progesterone to control the hyperplasia for the past three cycles.  I start it on day 10 which could account for the day 11 spike, but not the day 14 spike.  I wonder if it is possible that the progesterone could mask the LH surge at ovulation and therefore get a false negative on the OPK.

So my mind starts to think that maybe, just maybe, the spotting and cramping are due implantation.  If I did in fact ovulate on day 11 or day 14 (and TMI time, certain other *cough*activities*cough* would make it possible for fertilization), then this would be the right time to have implantation.

This could be me just really really wanting a baby.  Because I really really do.  It could just be my body messing with me again - taking the stress that I'm feeling and running with it.  It could be that my period has decided to arrive a week earlier than planned just to make me miserable.

Would that just be a great gift for Mother's Day... haha, guess what, not pregnant!  Yeah, that would be just fricken fabulous!!

So the morale of this story... either I'm pregnant, or I'm not. *sigh*  My money is on not!



Well, your body is definitely sending out confusing messages. But at least you covered all your bases with your, ahem, activities. ;)

Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get a nice surprise soon...

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