Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stupid Cycle

This cycle is driving me crazy. It has been all sorts of weird.

My BBTs have been all over the map this month. I think that I found the time that I MAY have ovulated, but I don't think that I did. Other fertility signs (read cervical fluid) showed a normal pattern, so that's good.

My period was due today. Ten days ago, I had spotting. Well, I assumed it was spotting anyway. Is it just me, or was anyone else never really explained the difference between spotting and AF? Seriously, I always assumed that it had something to do with quantity of blood, but since having the D&C in January, I have a hard time telling the difference. My flow has always been REALLY heavy, and since the D&C and progesterone treatments, I can't really tell for sure. So, I assumed that since I bled so little that I barely needed a pantyliner, that I was definitely spotting.

However, my BBT has stays pretty low (as it does in the first half of anyone's cycle), and the cervical fluid is now doing what it's supposed to in the days leading up to ovulation. If I track back to that first day of spotting, I would be on CD 11 of this cycle, which means that I could be close to ovulation. But that also means that my last cycle was only 20 days.

So I'm losing my mind. I don't know what to think. If AF is still coming, then it's extra strange this month. Usually I have cramping and heaviness feelings in the days leading up to my period, not to mention my mood swings. This month, nothing. This makes me think that the spotting was actually my period and I"m half-way through another cycle.

On the upside, I got an appointment for the beginning of June with an acupuncturist so that I can start that for fertility and hopefully throw in some herbs to go with it. So, hopefully that will make a difference.



Yeah, I'd be awfully confused by that, too. It sounds like you're into another cycle (not that I'm any sort of expert on these things). Maybe things are just a little out of whack right now because of the progesterone?

If you are in your next cycle, that means your luteal phase was pretty short. I've read that B vitamins can help to lengthen it, so that might be something to look into if you're not already taking them.


a short luteal phase was what I think was the problem when we were trying to conceive before the hyperplasia showed up. I would notice a temperature spike on my BBT, but the ovulation monitors showed a perpetually high level of fertility, and then from supposed ovulation to CD1 would be 6-8 days. I started taking Vitex and B complex and it lengthened it a bit. But I'm afraid to take the Vitex again, because I worry that might have contributed to the hyperplasia.

I didn't start the progesterone on CD 10 like I was supposed to (because I thought that I was still waiting for my next cycle). So it doesn't make sense to start it mid-way through a cycle. I think that he's just being cautious about the progesterone anyway. He said that the hyperplasia was gone, so taking the progesterone for one more month was kind of a back up. But I don't know. Maybe I should start now - it would be CD12, so I'd only have missed two doses. Maybe better safe than sorry . *sigh*


Progesterone is supposed to help lengthen your LP, so it seems strange that it's not doing that for you. Have you taken an hpt, just to be sure that you're not pregnant?


I took one yesterday and it said that I wasn't. Of course my AF was due on Wednesday, so maybe it's too early, but my BBT is showing low temps, typical of the first part of a cycle. And my CF is progressing like a normal cycle would.

Progesterone is supposed to help to sustain and lengthen, but only if it's taken at the right time. Normally, a woman would take it to sustain a pregnancy - either after ovulation or after conception is confirmed. I start taking it on day 10 for 14 days, and about 5-7 days after I stop, the AF shows up. Last cycle (with the spotting), I started spotting on the 12th day of the progesterone, which was odd - and why I thought it was maybe implantation spotting.

Who knows. I think my body is just trying to make me mental.

I started the progesterone on this cycle on CD 12 because I figured that I better take it - I'm only going to take it for 12 days so that I'm done on day 24 again. Don't know if it was the best idea, but I figured better safe than sorry.

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