Monday, 16 May 2011

waiting, waiting, waiting!

I'm getting so frustrated!

I called the obgyn today. I have an appointment... for AUGUST 24!!!

So, I have to wait three months to get in to see her. urgh.

Three months is a whole trimester! Three months is a lifetime when you're waiting to conceive!

I asked about a cancellation list - they said that they didn't do it because she was so booked up all the time.

Silly me, I thought that since I was already on her patient list that it wouldn't take three more months to get in to see her! That's longer than with my first referral! urgh.

Anyway, I'm frustrated as hell and don't really know what to do. I'm still holding out hope that I might actually be pregnant (unless those five days with minimal spotting was my body's attempt at a period this month - but it was on days 20-25, so that would be SUPER early).

I hate having to waste another three months waiting for her, not to mention that in those three months, the hyperplasia could return and I could be right back to where I started!

I was wondering if my GP would be willing to prescribe Clomid or something like it to help, or if she was going to tell me to wait. I know that reproduction isn't her specialty, but it's worth asking right?

In the meantime, I decided that I'm going to book an acupuncture appointment and get some advice on herbs that might help with ovulation without overloading me with estrogen. I'm going to keep working on the diet and exercise, and hope that it all happens naturally (very little faith in this, but still...) I'm going to try to enjoy my summer of not running to doctors and just enjoy the weather and being a home with no moving!! (first year in about four that this will be the case).

On a side note - I'm SOOO sore today! I walked about 8-10 KM today while picking garbage in the ditches with one of my classes. What a long long day - this after spending 6 hours doing yardwork (trimming hedges and hauling trees) on Sunday. I need a day off... but tomorrow is another very busy day and I'm sure something will come up to make it exciting - working with teenagers is definitely never boring! lol



How frustrating to have to wait so long for an appointment! Would it be worth trying to see an RE in the meantime? Of course all au natural summer could be very nice :)


Ugh. That really stinks. :(

It might be worth it to ask Dr. N if she can prescribe clomid. That's just way too long to have to wait for something to happen.

Would you consider asking her for a referral to another ob/gyn who could see you sooner? I wonder if they would do that so you could at least get started on the meds.

If you're going the all natural route, I've heard that a lot of women take soy isoflavones (sp?) in place of clomid. It seems to help bring on ovulation.

A Shadow of My Former Self

That seems like a long time to wait. Can you get in to see a PA or NP? She must be one awesome doc to have her appointments booked so far in advance!


I could ask for another obgyn, but I'm worried that I might end up with someone that I really don't like. I really like Dr. B. I don't really want to chance someone else. Maybe it's the fact that it took so many doctors to discover my real problem and she was the one who did it... I don't know. I think that I will ask Dr. N if she can prescribe. If not, then I'll wait for the drugs and just try herbs and acupuncture for the summer.

I would try to go to an RE, but in this province, it would probably take as long to get in to see one as it would to see my obgyn.

It's just so frustrating!

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