Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It is the cycle that never ends....

CD 54. Yep, you read that right... 54. not 44, not 34, but 54!!! Seriously, this isn't normal!!

About three days ago, I started to have EWCM again. Then on Sunday, a temp drop - about half a degree drop. This is common for me at two times in my cycle - the first when my body thinks it's about to ovulate. EWCM and a temp drop, then a temp spike the next day. The other time is the day prior to AF. Well, yesterday showed no AF, and a temp spike again. Today, back down to 36.04 and again, no AF. Looking back at the CM for the past 10 days, it looks like it was amping up for ovulation again. I never noticed this prior to today, because I was so focused on checking for AF. Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I simply missed a cycle.

I was reading that it is common when you don't ovulate to just not have AF sometimes. The body knows that it has not ovulated and has little lining to shed, so doesn't bother trying. The problem is that my body didn't send me an email, a fax, or even a sticky note telling me that. So now, I wonder, is it possible that I just ovulated? If so, that would be another 14 days or so until AF would show up - or a BFP would possibly happen. Yes, I cornered my husband to make sure that if it is ovulation, we didn't miss it. I'm not overly optimistic though. I hope that I haven't been waiting for the last 54 days for this next cycle for nothing, but I probably have.

It just seems like more of a kick in the teeth, because I'm waiting to start the drugs to help the ovulation along. Each day I recalculate in my head when I would have to go for follicle tracking and what else I have going on that day that I might have to reschedule, and every night I dismiss all those thoughts. *sigh*

So, this is the cycle that never ends... it just goes on and on my friends... And it is driving me crazy!



Your cycle is driving me crazy, too!


Oh my gosh! 54 days? I'd be bouncing off the walls. :-(


yup, and today it's 55! If I did miss a cycle, then any day now the second cycle should end and AF should show up. It's just slightly frustrating and annoying... understatement of the year! You know, it wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so desperate to have a child. If this were 10 years ago - hell, even three years ago, I'd be good. Or if we were done having kids, then right on. I mean, who really likes AF anyway. But when you are desperate to get the party started, and AF just won't cooperate, well you really want to disown her completely.

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