Friday, 28 October 2011

Yup, I was right.

I did ovulate.

I went for my follow-up ultrasound today and they said it was clear that I had ovulated - no follicle left. YAY!!! So at least that went the way it was supposed to.

Since the last ultrasound, I've had a nagging worry about my lining. Particularly when I asked the tech how it was and she said "fine, it looks good". So I asked again at the end of this test. The girl said it was 2.3 cm. HOLY SHIT! When I had to have the D&C it was 2.7. That really worries me. It is supposed to be between 6-10 mm and it is 23!!! I immediately freaked out about the hyperplasia returning and worried that if it was this might be our only chance, etc. I held it together til I got to the car, then I panicked and cried uncontrollably for 10 minutes!

I know that there is a good chance that this thickened lining is just the anovulatory cycles that have built up. Because I haven't been ovulating, my period is something more like four days of spotting, or VERY light bleeding. So I"m guessing that the lining hasn't been able to fully shed because my body hasn't told it to. There is a difference between that and pre-cancerous cells growing in there... but I still panicked. I also realise that if this cycle doesn't take and I'm not pregnant, that it's likely that my body will shed the lining in preparation of the next cycle. So not all is lost. The tech didn't seem concerned, but then she was 12!

If this cycle takes, great. If it doesn't and I don't have a normal period, then I will go back to the OB/GYN to make sure that I"m not in a situation of hyperplasia again. If I get a normal period, then I'll just go on with the next cycle without (too much) worry.

Right now I just want to curl up on the couch all weekend and watch a movie/read a book, but I can't. I have to take my volleyball team to the city for a big tournament in which they will get their asses handed to them. I love those girls, but, honestly, they aren't very good. They try hard, but they just aren't there. Oh well. I know they will have a great time - I'm just not feeling like being around people, and we are staying overnight - so sleeping on the floor of a hotel room while four giggly girls refused to sleep - not my idea of a good time. Wish me luck!



Peg, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I will be following and wish you the best in your quest for a baby. I know just where you are right now because I have been there.

Good luck!

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