Friday, 14 October 2011

Knock, knock... who's there???

There was a knock on the door, guess who was there? That's right! Good ole' Aunt Flo. I normally hate that bitch, but I was happy to see her finally.

Today was CD 57, so I was wondering if she had died or something. But nope, just found out that she just arrived. FINALLY!!!

I had acupuncture last night. It was the last night with my acupuncturist who I LOVE for the next three months. She's on maternity leave until February 1. Yes, it's a special kind of strange to have your acupuncturist, who is treating you for fertility issues, getting bigger and bigger. She is so amazing though and never brought up the pregnancy unless I asked and never really made a big deal out of it. Even though she got married just a year ago and seems to have it all together, I never felt jealous of her and her pregnancy. I think it is because she's just so great that it's hard to feel that way - and she's trying to help me get pregnant which makes me feel better.

I did have a moment of self pity when I was waiting for my appointment. I was sitting in the treatment room with the door open, waiting, and the receptionist was talking with the other dr in the clinic (who happens to be the husband of my acupuncturist). They were talking about the birth plan, etc, and how excited he was. Then out of the next room comes the acupuncturist talking with another patient about the pregnancy. *sigh* A moment of self pity came over me, I was sad. But I managed to suck it up and move on. *sigh*

But we had a good session and she tried to fix this headache that I'm dealing with. The headache that can be likened to a knife being stabbed into my forehead - just in one specific spot. I had this problem when I was a teenager and had numerous CT scans and MRIs for it. Nobody could find anything. I wonder now if it has something to do with hormones...who knows.

So now that AF has shown up, I have to start the drugs on CD3, and book my follicle tracking ultrasound on Monday... that should be for CD10, but since that's a Sunday it will be on CD11 which will be fine. Hopefully it works to help me ovulate this next cycle. I would, of course, love it if the ovulation resulted in a pregnancy, but even just ovulating would be awesome at this point!

Fingers crossed!



I have headaches which I connect to hormones. Generally they feel like someone is sticking an icepick into my head. Let me know if acupuncture helps. Sometimes my chiro can help. Hope is always alive. After all that is what keeps us going each cycle.


the acupuncture didn't seem to help with my headache. I wonder if it is what spurred on my period though. I have been doing acupuncture for fertility since June. It relaxes me if nothing else. I had chiro done too, but for my lower back where I herniated a disc a couple of times and it's really inflamed - since starting Chiro in August I've had no back pain which is nice. I am scared of having her manipulate for a headache because that likely means manipulating my neck and I draw the line there... it scares me too much.

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