Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Smiley Face!

So I managed to get the HCG shot today. I had to drive to the town two towns over this morning to get it. My principal was awesome about it all. All I told him was that after the medical tests that I had on Monday, I had to go get an injection today, so could I skip out for an hour during my prep time. He said yes without so much of a hesitation. Thank god! Today he didn't even ask me anything about it... I feel kinda bad because I worry that maybe he thinks this is the cancer follow up after last year's scare, but right now it is keeping him from asking me too many questions. I still feel guilty about it though. Hopefully in a couple of months I can put all that to rest when I tell them about being pregnant... hopefully.

So, after a long evening of volleyball with my team, I went home and took an OPK. It came back with a big smiley face. After more than 18 months worth of ovulation predictors and fertility predictors all telling me that I was a failure, it was nice to see a smiley face! So, according to the OPK that means that I should ovulate within the next 24 hours. YAY!

Friday I get a follow-up ultrasound to see if I did ovulate, but I plan on continuing to take the OPKs until they come back negative now... just to make sure.

So, yeah, smiley face on the stick and smiley face on me!



Smiley face on me, too!

I'm so glad that you responded well to the clomid and the trigger. Once you're done with the OPKs, you can obsessively start taking HPTs to test out the trigger. :D


Lots of luck to you!

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