Monday, 24 October 2011

One is all you need... right???

First follicle tracking ultrasound today. Got there with a sense of dread hanging over me...

what if there is nothing there? What if I waited so long for the last cycle and nothing happened this cycle? What if all the pangs and twinges that I've been feeling are psychosomatic.

Well, apparently there was nothing worry about because there is ONE good follicle. 18 mm. They said that the lining was "good" (whatever the hell that means - by the time I asked, she didn't remember the number). She said that there were several smaller follicles, but nothing worth noting, but that the 18 mm one looked good and I was advised to do the HCG trigger tomorrow.

So, I left happy but frustrated and sad at the same time. Part of me really wanted two or three follicles - hoping that more follicles meant a better chance, but I know, logically, it only takes one good follicle to release a good egg to become a baby. The biggest frustration is with my schedule right now.

I have to get the trigger shot tomorrow, but my doctors are all in the city over an hour away and I have to work tomorrow, AND there is no health centre where I work, AND I have volleyball after school so the chance of being able to do the shot seemed slim to none. I talked with the pharmacist about the idea of waiting until Wednesday to do the shot. Part of me thinks that it will be easier with my schedule, but also maybe give those other follicles a chance to catch up. He said it isn't a good idea because they usually suggest the shot based on a specific timeline and he wouldn't mess with that - but that I could call and ask my doctor or the radiologist... yeah, right, what's the chance of that happening!

So, I cried on and off all the way home.

I got home and I called the little 15 bed nursing home in the town near where I work. They said that they can't give the shot without an order from my doctor (who is on leave at the moment I believe, and even if she isn't, she's going to be pissed about having to write an order when she's already given the prescription and she's tough to get in contact with). OR they could put me in to see the doctor who travels through and I could explain my situation to him and he would write and order for one of the nurses to give me the shot. I reluctantly took that option. I called my boss and asked if it was ok if I skipped out during my prep period to do this. He didn't even hesitate - just said, "yep, just tell the secretary you're gone in case someone is looking for you." God, I love him! Anyway, I took the appointment, so at about 10:30 tomorrow morning I should be triggered. One healthy, good looking follicle being told tomorrow to get off it's lazy kiester and spit out an egg.

Fingers crossed that this works and that next July there is a baby to show for it.

Please please please let this work.



I have to say that I think it's stupid that you weren't given the option to learn how to do the shots yourself, especially since your doctor knows you live out of town. If you have to go through this again, I think you should definitely talk to her about that!

I'll be sending you lots of good thoughts. Maybe this is your golden egg. :)


Lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way! That's awesome that the nursing home is willing to work with you!!!

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