Saturday, 1 October 2011

Angry? Yeah, you bet

Ok, so I'm pretty pissed off. If anyone has seen the crap that I had thrown at me on another blog, then they will know why. If you haven't, and you saw the comment on my last post, you might understand...

but the fact is that I"m angry.

I shouldn't let other people - particularly those in the blogosphere - get to me. But I do. I care what other people think. I care when they make sweeping accusations against me and then don't' give me the opportunity to respond. I care when I'm being made out to be an evil bitch and all I did was live my life.

I'm not sure exactly what I did, but apparently speaking my mind has created some sort of shit-storm and now it has been brought to my blog. I apologize to all the wonderful people who read this and are so supportive.

I guess that I just don't get why suddenly I have become the enemy of all single-TTC women simply because I happen to be married. If someone can explain this, I would love to get some perspective. I don't get why, when even though I have been supportive of all my single friends and when people don't know the my back-story, that I am suddenly being made out to be an enemy of single TTC women everywhere.

I never created this for others to read. I like that they do and I appreciate the comments, but it was always intended to be my outlet for the feelings and thoughts that were starting to drive me crazy. I have always, at every point in my life, been willing to accept when someone doesn't' agree with me, but I've always expected that those people would be willing to have a discourse about it - not call me names and run away. I think that shows a limit to a person's character to refuse to discuss a situation and simply post or say negative comments and refuse any further discussion on the matter.

It's been a really long week and there is a longer one coming up. I am at CD 44 and no sign of AF and I'm getting frustrated and emotional about another failed and long cycle. I was asked 10 times yesterday when I'm going to have kids, or why I don't have them yet... and right now, I just want to cry.



Anyone who thinks that you're an enemy of single mothers by choice clearly doesn't know you at all. You've always been extremely supportive of my decision to try to conceive, even when I was doing it as a single woman.

If some people see trying to have a baby as an us vs. them thing, single vs. married, then that's just sad. We're all women trying to have babies. We may not all be getting there from the same place, but we can all learn from and support each other.

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