Sunday, 16 October 2011

Let the Adventure Begin

At this point it's pretty clear that I wasn't ovulating for the past cycle. On Friday, what was CD 57 of the cycle, I had a bit of bleeding - more spotting really, but the OB/GYN was specific that any spotting was to be considered the first day of the cycle. Saturday there was light brown discharge and today the same thing. Not really a period, but whatever, I'll take it as the sign of a new cycle. I had a moment of terror as I thought - shit, I took Clomid today and what if the spotting on Friday was implanation bleeding from a (very) late ovulation. But I looked back at my charts and the chances are pretty much impossible that that's the case. I figure that I'm taking the whole situation as my period and moving on...

Today is the first pill of Clomid. I was trying to decide yesterday what time of day to take it. I read a ton of articles, none of which helped. Lots of people saying that they had side effects so they took it at night, but some saying that they found the side effects not so bad so took it in them morning. The one thing that every article and blog was consistent on was that it should be taken at the same time every day.

I'm horrible for remembering to take stuff at night. By the time I get home from work I'm basically a disaster and exhausted, so sometimes it's so bad that I get all cozy in bed and then remember that I didn't take out my contacts. :S So I figured that morning would be better for me. I have no idea what the side effects will bring of this medication - maybe I'll luck and get nothing, or maybe I'll be a mess - but I figure I don't know so I'm not going to plan for them.

So, this morning, I woke up at six, took my temp, and then took the pill. Then fell back to sleep until my husband's noises outside woke me at about 9:30. I might go take a nap later - I'm still tired.

So far I've only got a slight headache, but I had one yesterday and for five days before that and I hadn't taken any meds at that point... so I'm not attributing it to the Clomid. Tomorrow I will call to set up my follicle tracking ultrasound for CD11, since CD10 will be on a Sunday. I'm really hoping that my ovaries cooperate quickly with the drugs and that I need the trigger prior to the weekend of the 28/29th. The 28th would be CD15. Those two days I'm in the city with my volleyball team for a tournament and we're staying overnight, so it would be very difficult to do what needs to be done to get a baby made. I figure that some early morning planning could at least make the 28th a possibility, but I am kinda hoping that it's all finished by then and I don't have to schedule things quite so carefully. But I guess we'll see. When I have the US on the 24th it will hopefully give me some idea. I'm hoping that my ovaries respond quickly because they have been so lazy up to this point that a kick might get them going quickly...and honestly, I'm hoping they respond with a couple of good eggs.

Twins would just make things so much easier. Yeah, right, who says those words eh? Well, when dealing this the IF shit for this long, I would rather not have to deal with it for a second pregnancy. If we had twins, we could be happy with what we have and if we wanted to try again, it wouldn't seem like there was quite so much pressure. Besides, I've always wanted twins. Even if my ovaries don't cooperate with two eggs, we have a real chance of twins anyway - my husband's family has identicals running through it, so fingers crossed...

Anyone else have any weird side effects from the Clomid that I might be looking forward to? When did you notice them starting? I'm really worried about mood swings as I tend to have them anyway and I work with teens so it's a bit dangerous if they and I are both having mood swings. I'm a bit concerned that the 50 mg dose isn't going to do much for me, but I guess we have to start somewhere.



A lot of women say they get bitchy on clomid. I never did. I didn't actually have very noticeable mood swings. I only had one crazy weepy moment on it, and that's when I was taking 100 mg.

The only other mood change I had while on clomid was an increased libido, which was really frustrating since I had no partner at the time! lol Maybe you and Mark will luck out and you'll have that side effect, too. ;)


well that would be a nice side-effect.

as for bitchiness - I don't know, my bitch switch is often stuck on high, so I can't imagine if it makes it worse! lol

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