Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pain AND Insomnia? Are you kidding me??

So, it's 11:00 pm here. I have to be awake at 5 am because I have a 7:15 volleyball practice with my team. If my math is working right here, I have 6 possible hours of sleep. That would be fine except that unless I get 9 hours I"m rather a zombie!

So, why am I still awake??

Fucking pain!! My back is killing me. It's not just pain that's located in one small place, it's completely generalized... aching and pain all over my lower back and into my sides. I've laid in bed for over an hour and no luck - I'm just tossing and turning - probably keeping my husband from having a really good sleep. It just hurts so much and I"m so tired!!

I got home really late last night, so didn't really get a good sleep last night either. Top that with the nightmares and stupid dreams that I've been having lately and I'm a mess... I'm a total headcase at work lately. I won't get a whole weekend off until November, and I don't have a week of normal work hours until November either - every week has stupid early mornings and stupid late nights :( Yes, I'm whiny... I'm tired... I'm in pain... I'm gonna whine :(

I took some drugs to try to get rid of the pain, nothing is kicking in yet. :(

Part of me thinks this might be AF on the way. When I was younger I used to get some nasty back cramps, and I have vague recollections of it feeling like this... wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth... AF makes me wait 56 days and then comes with a full force of back cramps? bitch!

Yeah, so on that front, nothing yet. I thought that there might have been some spotting, but upon further inspection I was hallucinating. How sad is it that I am now imagining seeing spotting? So pathetic in so many ways.

Well, Jim Parsons is nearly finished his interview on Craig Kilbourne, so I should try to go to sleep again. I might sleep just out of pure exhaustion. I really can't keep this all up. I might just collapse at work. Today I told my grade 7 English class that I was going to give them a class to nap and then have them write about their dreams.

Yes, I'm that exhausted :(



It is so hard to be around kids when we are exhausted. I hope you can get the pain under control. Will your doc give you muscle relaxers so you can sleep? I'm thinking of you.


Sorry you're in so much pain and have such a hectic schedule right now. I hope you feel better, and more rested, soon!

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