Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dream a Little Dream

I think that I've been spending too much time thinking about and reading about ovulation, fertility, and charting.

Last night I kept dreaming - over and over- about taking my temperature and writing it into the chart.  It seemed that no matter how many times I took the temperature and recorded it, I kept doing it wrong and had to redo it! It was one of those dreams that you are conscious is a dream.  You know the type - when you are desperate to get out of it, so you wake yourself up, only to go back to sleep and keep dreaming it. *sigh*

This only ever happens to me when I start to obsess over something.  When I was a teenager my brother and I used to play a particular board game non-stop when we were on school holidays.  I always knew it was time to stop playing when I would start to dream that I was rolling dice ... all night!!  The only way to make it stop was stop playing for a while.

Well, now I'm having those dreams about fertility.  It sucks because it is really all I can think about.  I spend all of my free time focusing on it and trying to figure out a better way to do things.  It is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, and it should be easy to get... but it's not. *sigh*

Hopefully the dreams stop soon.  I think that I just need to cool it on the research and reading... maybe I should take up a hobby... or get caught up on work.... that might be a solution.



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