Thursday, 28 April 2011

Infertility Story Project

Kerri over at Uncommon Nonsense is trying to put together a publication full of infertility stories to try to help others out there understand that they are not alone in their struggle.  I am planning on writing something for her publication. I hope that others who read this will do the same.  I think it's a very worthwhile project and just imagine the good it could do if someone out there who is starting to struggle with the emotions of infertility had stories of others and stories of hope and inspiration to keep them going - I know that it could/would definitely help me out.

Below I've copied the blog post from Kerri for you to read.  Please consider participating.

IF Stories Project:

A lot of you ladies have recently mentioned some brave words and thoughts about IF activism, and I've been reading them all and trying to figure out where exactly I fit in with this particularly "ism".  I want to do something to help other families going through IF, especially those that may not have access to or have found a community like ours, and I've think I found my idea.

I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but I can edit, and have been known to compose some pretty decent short essays.  I have a feeling there are a lot of us like that out here in the blogosphere, as well as a lot of really fantastic writers, so I am making this proposition to you all:
  1. Send me your stories: Write down, in 2 - 4 pages (maybe a little more and I can help you edit it down), the story of your IF journey.  Feel free to write about the whole journey, or to just highlight the parts you feel have been the most poignant for you.  Also, feel free to pull from your blogs, but make sure to give me permission to use your writing when you send your email.  Here are some examples of topics, but please don't limit yourself to only these:
    • General Infertily
    • PCOS, Endometriosis, DOR, or other medical condition
    • Miscarriage/Loss
    • Pregnancy after infertility
    • Motherhood/Parenthood after infertility
    • Advanced maternal age 
    • Marriage/Love and IF
    • Single mom IF
    • Male perspectives on IF
    • Adoption after IF
    • A.R.T. adventures
    • Support groups
    • Male factor IF
  2. Make it anonymous or put your name or just put your age and town/state.  This is entirely up to you, but please provide me with a valid email address in case I need to contact you for any type of release or other legal issue.
  3. Share this post with your readers, hopefully spreading the word and bringing in many more varied stories.  
The goal of all this:  I want to gather together a variety of personal stories from the blogospehere, edit them, bind them and hopefully publish them in a book.  I want to make your stories heard, and to give other infertile families a chance to learn from our community and to find support in it.   Each of our stories has the chance of connecting with at least one person, somewhere out there, and maybe making them feel just a little less alone as they journey through this difficult time in their lives, so this I vow to you all now - If you share your stories with me, I will fight to make them heard!

Please send your submissions to:

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,

- KerriK


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