Saturday, 23 April 2011

Enough Already

I was in the city the other day.  I swear it was pregnant lady in the city day!  Everywhere I looked, I saw a woman who was very pregnant, or one with a new baby.

At one point, two women who were very pregnant walked out of a store.  In the cart was a baby who was about six months old.

All I could say was "enough already".  It just wasn't fair... there was already a baby in that cart... and now another one on the way?  grrr.

My husband tried to make me feel better by saying "maybe they are babysitting"... but I just know that's not true.  One of the women was smoking up a storm at the same time.  It makes me mad.

The final insult I think, is that later that same day, driving through a residential neighbourhood, I watch a man helping a very pregnant woman to the vehicle.  She is wincing in pain, and he runs back in, grabs a car seat and a tote bag.

It's like the universe is flipping me off!


A Shadow of My Former Self

I know how you feel. As soon as spring hit I began to see babies everywhere. I get angry and down about it too. It sucks.


it really does. I think that they've probably always been there. I know when my sister-in-law was expecting and I could focus on the excitement of that, there were babies everywhere too - but it just didn't bug me then :)

I think that I'm just hypersensitive. What really gets me is when I see people not treating their children right, hear the horror stories from kids at school looking for a trusting ear, or watch parents who think that their kids aren't important.

All I can think is that... I want a kid, I like kids, I would treat them better than that.


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