Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Today, I needed to make a trip to the big city.  When I say big city, many of you would laugh to know that it is a city of about 100,000 people (give or take a few).  However, keeping in mind that where I live has a population of about 200 if you count the cats and dogs - this place is the big city.

I realised that income tax is due on Monday and I haven't finished mine.  I submitted my husband's a few days ago but had been dragging ass on my own.  Why?  I don't know.  I'm not even preparing mine myself.  Strange yes, but let me explain.

Last year, due to work availability, we were forced to move four hours from the house that we own.  We rented a place to live, and payed our mortgage, and two sets of bills.  All of this after just finishing to pay for my degree and a wedding.  I was maxed out on credit and broker than broke.  After several threatening calls from collectors - each of which got more and more evil.  And after probably a hundred letters threatening legal action - it happened.  My wages were garnished.  The credit card company went to court and got permission to take most of my paycheque to start to pay what was owed.  It's not that I didn't want to pay them, and I tried to set up repayment, but they just wouldn't accept my offers and told me it was all or nothing... well I didn't have it all, so I took nothing.  When the woman in payroll called me to tell me that she got the notice, she asked how many people were in my family.  I told her just two.  She said "oh, you don't have any kids?"  I told her no.  She said "well if only you had kids you wouldn't have to lose so much money".  Yeah, that's the reason I want them.  In the end I was left with about one-sixth of my paycheque, and we were flat broke.  I broke down and called for help.

In the end the decision that was made was to file for bankruptcy.  I didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice.  I pay into it for 21 months and then my debt is clear.  I still have a student loan that I will have to pay back, but that will be minor compared to the rest of the debt - it will be manageable, and I don't have to pay it until I'm out of bankruptcy.  We lucked out - since everything we own is in my husband's name they can't touch it - the woman at the bankruptcy firm said they couldn't anyway since you are allowed a vehicle and place to live.  Anyway, I've been in bankruptcy since October and it's not that bad - I've barely noticed with the exception of the $1000 I pay each month and the paperwork to go with it.

So the firm does my income tax, as they take my refund to put toward my account.  So I really needed to drop off the paperwork for them since they have to get it in by Monday.  So why was I dragging on dropping it off?

Simple.  On the forms I had to fill out, it asked me a bunch of questions about children and child costs.  I couldn't bring myself to put n/a again!! I finally had no choice today and did it, then cried, then went into the big city and dropped it off.  As if taxes are painful enough!

So, to make me feel better, my husband suggested that we see a movie.  It's been months since I've been able to concentrate on anything long enough to watch a movie in the theatre.  I didn't go see Harry Potter until it was nearly out of theatres because of my inability to concentrate.  Anyone who knows me would understand how epic that is.  But today I thought... "why not".  So we went to see Paul.

First let me say that if I had a list... you know the list, the five people who you could sleep with without consequence while married... well Jason Bateman would be number two.  Johnny Depp is naturally number one.  I LOVE Jason Bateman.  I seriously heart him.  Have ever since the Hogan Family.  

I'm kinda a fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as well, and well Seth Rogan is just always funny.  So the movie was set up to be a good one for me.  And you know what?  It was.  Other than the odd uncomfortable part where I just wanted to yell at the screen for them to smarten up, it was great.  I laughed out loud several times.   Jane Lynch was great as always and hearing Kristen Wiig say over and over "I plan on swearing and fornicating lots" just never lost it's funny.

I never once thought about the baby issues.  I never focused on my own trouble.  I never had any wandering thoughts.  For 1 hour and 44 minutes I was engrossed in something other than my life... and it was great!



I think there is no better therapy than going to a movie! It does sound as though you have had a Really tough time of recent - so sorry to hear about all your bankruptcy.


Oh, I'm right with you on the Jason Bateman thing. I don't care how bad the movie is; if he's in it, I'll go see it! (That being said, I haven't seen Paul yet.) Paul Rudd also makes my list. I seem to have a thing for the funny men.

Anyway, I'm glad you had a break from all the worry and enjoyed yourself. :)


YES! Paul Rudd would be number three for me! I agree, funny guys always do it for me.

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