Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Welcome to Biopsy Country...

So, last we met, I was telling you all about the lovely conversation I had with the 12-year-old receptionist at my oncologist's office.  Tonight I had enough of waiting for anyone to call back, so when I got home at 8 pm I called the main switchboard of the Cancer Centre that he is associated with.

They patched me through to him on his cell and he apologized profusely telling me that they did call him, but that he was in surgery at the time and didn't have my number, blah blah blah. Anyway, he says "can you come in tomorrow?".

So have a biopsy scheduled for 3 pm tomorrow.  Have to miss work AGAIN! and have to do the biopsy... which sucks, and hurts so much!

If you've never had a biopsy, I don't recommend it... it's not enjoyable in any way.  So much pain and nothing to show for it.

I'm hoping that this time there is at least good news... that would be a bit of a payoff, because a painful test only to find out that you've got a painful condition which is going to cause more painful tests....

well, that sucks!



I'm glad he can get you in so quickly.

Do you have to go in alone? If you need someone there for support, I'm free tomorrow afternoon.

*keeping my fingers crossed for good results*


thanks. Mark is taking the afternoon so that he can drive me, so I won't have to drive home alone. Last time I had a biopsy, it wasn't planned, so I had taken no pain killer prior and I had to drive myself home. The after cramps were pretty bad, and driving was not pleasant.

Dr. A insists that this time won't be as bad because there isn't as much lining to get through, AND this time I'm menstruating, whereas the last time I wasn't (I think Dr. B picked the only day of two months that I wasn't). SO he said it shouldn't hurt as bad, since the lining is being shed anyway.

Honestly, what really bugged me the last time was that I wore my contacts and I was crying so hard that my contact folded over and got stuck Way far under my eyelid... then I was mad about that. LOL.

So, yeah, I should be ok this time given that I don't have drive.

Thanks a lot for the offer though! very much appreciated. Hope your girl is doing better!

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