Thursday, 21 April 2011

Oh the pain.

If you've never gone through an endometrial biopsy, I don't recommend it.  You know, for those of you who may think "hmm, never done that, I"m up for an adventure..."  DON'T!!

It hurts so much.

I got to my doctor's office at 2:45 and told the nurse that the doctor said to meet him there at 3.  She had no idea about it (not a good sign).  Then, another woman walks in and says that she's supposed to meet him as well.  That woman is told to wait a few minutes, and the nurse calls the doctor who says he's on his way.  So then this other woman walks up to the desk and says "how long will it be".  The nurse says that he's about 10 minutes out and then tells her that there is one person before her (that person being me).  The woman then says "well I just need a few minutes with him, and he called me to come here, so I HAVE to go first - it's important".  The nurse says "well, we'll let the doctor decide who he will see first".

So the Dr shows up and sees us both sitting there.  About a minute later, the nurse comes and tells me to come with her.  The other woman was pissed off!  I couldn't believe that.  Two weeks ago, she walked in after me and got in first because it was only going to take a minute, and then it took 45.  The dr actually told me that he took me first because he felt bad for making me wait last time and since he figured that I would be anxious for the biopsy, he wanted to get it done.

So, he gives me the gown and leaves the room - I get ready for the test and sit on the table.  He comes in and then starts the biopsy.  SOOOO painful.  I was crying and hyperventilating, but I got through it.  I think I pierced a hole through the table with my nails I was holding on so tight.  The dr was very nice and so apologetic - he came up to the head of the table when he was finished and rubbed my shoulder telling me that I did good and that it would be ok.

When I got finished changing, he called me into his other office and told me that he thought that from what he could see and from the ultrasound results, he thinks that everything has fixed itself, but to take the last round of medication just in case - because we won't get the test results for at least a week.  Then he apologized again and said that he wished he could do something to make it better for biopsy patients because it is always so painful.  Then he gave me the sample that he took, along with the paperwork, and told me to take it to the lab.  Apparently the courier had already come and it couldn't stay in their offices all weekend - particularly since they weren't open again until Tuesday, so I needed to take it to a lab.  I drove it over to a lab, so that worked out ok.  I have an appointment on May 7 to find out the results.

It's going to be a long two weeks.

I'm sitting here now, incredibly tired, feeling like I've cried my eyes out, and in serious pain.  I was going to take a sleeping pill, but I've taken Midol and apparently it could interact, so no pill for me :(

On the upside, I did mini-egg math with my classes this morning (grade 6 -8) and they loved it... and I took a strip off of a really disrespectful girl... so at least the day wasn't a complete waste.

I just feel like my future is up in the air right now and I don't like it.  The doctor said that I could go and enjoy my holiday now, since the biopsy is done.  I told him that sure, I could relax and think about the results.  He said that he's pretty convinced that it will be good news... but I know he can't guarantee it.


I think I'll go to sleep now.



The waiting is absolute torture, isn't it? I wish I knew of some way to make it easier for you to bear, but I know that I'd be obsessing about the results, too.

Take it easy this weekend and let yourself be pampered. You deserve it after what you've been through!


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