Monday, 18 April 2011

Making the Call

So my oncologist told me to call his office on the first day of my next cycle.  The reason was that he needs to do a biopsy on me between days 3 and 10 to get a good read on the endometrial tissue and whether it is still pre-cancerous or if I'm in the clear right now.

So yesterday, my cycle finally started.  I'd been messing around with spotting for a few days, so I wasn't at all upset to finally see it happen.

I call the office today and this is how the conversation goes:

Me:  hi, I"m a patient of Dr. A.  He said that I should call at the beginning of my cycle to book a biopsy for sometime between day 3 and 10.
Receptionist:  Day 3 and 10?
Me:  Yes, of my menstrual cycle?  I'm on day 2 today and he told me last weekend that he wanted me to come in for a biopsy between day 3 and 10.
Her:  Oooookay... so that would be when.
Me:  Between tomorrow and the 26th.
Her:  Hold Please
cue cheesy music
Her:  Yeah, that's a problem, because, like, he only works on Saturdays here, and we're not open this Saturday.  Don't you know it's Easter?
Me:  Yeah, I know that, but I"m pretty sure my uterus doesn't care.  Besides, Dr. A told me last week that he would come in on Easter Saturday if that's what my cycle dictated.
Her (talking to someone in the background):  He said that she had to call in - he would do it
Her (to me):  Well, how much of an emergency is it?
Me:  Well - he's an oncologist, so it's probably not something that can wait for months.  If we don't do it this month, then we have to postpone another 30 days, and I had an ultrasound done this week specifically so that he could do it this cycle.
Her:  Well, we'll give him a call and see what he wants to do  - you know we're closed on Saturday.
Me:  Yeah, well, again, he said to call him.  So if you could do that and let me know what he wants to do about that ...
Her:  Yes, well, either we'll call or he'll call.

I get home tonight - no call.

SO frustrated!

Since when did it become law that a woman's menstrual cycle had to abide by Christian holidays anyway?



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