Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shouldn't Have Done That

So my favourite show EVER is Friends.  I just love it.  I have watched it through from beginning to end about five times and have watched the shows in re-runs over and over.

I decided in February to start it from season 1 and watch through to the end again.  I set it up to watch at night as I fall asleep.  The next night I start it from where I remembered from the last night.  So I am nearly finished season 9 right now.

This morning (since I'm on vacation this week) I lounged in bed and watched a couple of episodes, with my very friendly cat curled up under the blankets beside me.

I ended up in tears.  I knew the episode what coming, but I thought that I could handle it.

In the particular episode, Monica and Chandler go for fertility testing and at the end find out that she has an inhospitable environment and his sperm has low motility... or in the words of Chandler "my boys are refusing to get off their barkaloungers, and your uterus is ready to kill off any who do".  There is apologizing and hugging and crying.

And I cried.  It was too real to me.  I know that we haven't been told that we CAN'T have kids, but many days it feels like it.

I really shouldn't have watched that episode.  I just need to keep reminding myself that they get twins in the end.... of course then that just pisses me off about the adoption laws where I live.




I can imagine how that episode would get to you. *hugs*

The one that kills me is when they go to meet the birth mother of the baby they want to adopt and Chandler gives her the speech about how Monica is already a mom, she just doesn't have a baby yet. The tears flow every single time I see that one. It's how I've felt for years and I wonder if I'll feel that way for the rest of my life.


oh yeah that one gets me just thinking about it. It's how I've felt too, so I totally get it. That episode is still coming up - maybe I should skip that one too. I thought that the show did a good job of the infertility thing, until I started to go through it, then I figured that they skimmed over it too easily - but then again, it was a comedy right?


I totally love Friends too. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog - what your husband said had me laughing like crazy!

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