Thursday, 14 July 2011

And We're Back...

So this month has been wacky. My last cycle went 36 days, followed by four days of VERY light bleeding. It was more than spotting, but hardly anything to write home about. This after my acupuncturist warned me to be ready for heavy bleeding due to the treatments that she's been giving me. Oh well.

Anyway, my temperatures are all over the map again - kind of an up-down-up-down thing. But then something a friend said made me wonder, what would they look like if I was charting in Fahrenheit. Celcius charting I think gives the chart a bigger shift. However, I just did some calculations and my drop of .5 degrees Celcius is an entire degree in Fahrenheit, so perhaps it's not just the metric system that is confusing my chart.

This morning I had a major drop - I even double checked, just to make sure that I was still alive. 35.8C (96.4F) is pretty low... particularly when it was a hot night here. It was 23 degrees overnight outside (that's 73.4 F)which is pretty warm for here, so I know that our room was warm. So when I woke up to 35.8, I wondered if I was actually alive. I shouldn't be surprised. In my last cycle I had three temps below 36 degrees. So maybe that's just me.

So, I went and checked my cervical fluid. TMI time people... two days ago it was dry as a bone. Yesterday it was milky... but today? Today was eggwhite - very clearly so. Probably the best quality egg white I've seen since I started charting 5 cycles ago. Today is CD 10... so I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is my body messing with me, or if I'm about to ovulate in the next day or two.

I guess time will tell.



Keeping my fingers crossed that it's a sign of impending ovulation!

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